Monday, April 28, 2014



I've been a social butterfly this past weekend. 3 days, 4 events! First up: the 2014 Theatre Awards Banquet. Every year the theatre students vote for best actor, play, etc from the past season. 

 Kelsey South and me. Orange is the new black! She won best featured actress for Lonely, I'm Not where she played 4 characters.

 Christie Jo Mayo, who comes by the shop to help out all the time even through she wasn't signed up for a grade. Racking up major brownie points.

 Lizzie got the memo about the flower.

 Jenna, Tess and Will (Che) Stanley. Note the medals; they both won for their acting chops.

 Bitch face and duck lips!

 Much better.

 Gingers Rule! Matty Hogan and Kelsey (The Mistress) Russo. They also won medals.

 Group shot!

 A lovely photo of our exchange...I mean "International" student Jenah , she's from England.

 My shoes.

 and purse. Got my dress at the Goodwill for $6. It had beads and sequin on the front, which I took off, the purse is vintage and I can't remember when I got it. The shoes are from TJMaxx, bought years ago.

On Saturday afternoon, we went to this lovely lady's retirement party

 Dr. Carol Mickleson has taught classic voice (opera) at VSU for 44 years! She also produced the yearly opera.

Later on Saturday evening, we went to see The Dredges at Blazefest 2014.

 Here they are. 3 theatre students and a friend. It was like the best of Coachella and Glastonbury rolled into one. Alright, not really.

 The huge crowd! There were more people earlier in the day, but by the time I got there maybe 3 dozen people were left. Sometimes I don't understand our students. Always complaining about there's nothing to do on campus, then not going to the free event.

 Sarah-Beth Moseley on rhythm guiter, she plays the bass, too.

 Will (Che) Stanley, lead vocals

 Micheal Morgan, drums

 and on lead guitar, Devin (who's last name I can't remember)
I took these with the zoom, so I think the blurryness makes them "arty".  Or bad.......

 The Doctor resting his leg. He got himself a new walking stick, which looks like a staff. I've taken to calling him Gandolf. 

 Must have a photo of a dog being cute. It was an outdoor event after all.

Event #4 was on Sunday. The Annual Senior Dinner. For years our faculty have had a dinner every semester for our graduating seniors. It's a potluck, faculty cooked meal at one of our faculty's house. The students really enjoy it.

 The ladies who preformed at the Emerging Artist Showcase last weekend. From left to right: Becky (Evita) Morris, Kelsey (The Mistress) Russo, Sarah-Beth (The Rock Star) Moseley and Tess (Duck Lips) Buis.

 Jared "The Kid" Kay, not an actor but a scene shop assisstant.

The rest of the grads: Emmanuel Davis, Makada Bryce, who's dance got picked for the ACDFA* Gala, Emily Bradford, and part of Dennis May.

That's more socializing over one weekend than  I've done in a year. Hope it wasn't too boring!


*American Collage Dance something something




  1. What a HOOT you've been having!
    I love you in that orange frock!! Great colour and style on you! The handbag totally rocks, too!

  2. Hey, nothing wrong with being out and about and socialising, it all looks fabulous fun!
    Great dress, love the shoes and handbag too. xxx

  3. There is a helluva lotta boob action going on here - happy days! Does this mean after the big clean up and the end of semester celebrations you can put your feet up? If so, you must wear those shoes so you can marvel at the beauty of them! xoxo

    1. haha, no. We start the summer stock shows on May 15th. That's one of the reasons for the clean up, I can't find anything!

  4. fabulous socialization and funny party time!, and you look gorgeous wearing your pretty orange dress (love your bag too), and enjoying some funny poses!

  5. Busy lady looking amazing in that dress, omg! You look fantastic! All your students look so anitimated I guess that's drama geeks for you, what a beautiful bunch! I love your new nickname for the doctor:).

    Thanks so much Thorne for the sweet words about my Dad. You gals are the best!

  6. Those shoes! Those shoes are absolutely right with that dress! And that dress is absolutely right for you -- but, of course, you are the "eye" of the wardrobe.

    Hmm. He does resemble Gandolf, now that you've framed him with a staff and a tree.

  7. It ain't no Glasto but it looks like you're having a fine old time regardless! Gorgeous dress! x

  8. You look great with that orange dress. I used to join various events before and I got most of my outfits from Goodwill and other local thrift stores as well. But, with the party I went to last week I got my dress from for only 99 cents.

    1. a new thrift store opened 2 blocks from my house, everything is 93 cents!

  9. Orange is the new black and paisley's the new plaid. You rock them both!