Sunday, April 13, 2014



Way back in January, I told myself I should only buy things I really needed (food, toothpaste,beer) because of our sometime soon move. Well, on Saturday I couldn't stand it anymore and had to go check out the new charity shop that opened 3 blocks from my house. Everything is priced 93cents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I found 4 items, $3.98!

 It would have been rude to pass up this pretty dress. If it wasn't a size 11/12 I'd wear it to the upcoming party. Yeah, that doorknob was put in upside down. (I didn't do it)

 Cool pointy folded sleeves on the top and it still has the belt.

 The back has a cool draping things and is missing a hook at the waist. Boo hoo, I won't be dropping major pounds in the next 2 week for it to fit.

 A Man fit by Campus shirt for The Doctor. The other 2 items were a white dress skirt (17/35) and a pair of peep toed shoes that have been put into costume stock. The shoes were a size 8 and I will not even try to cram my size 10 feet into them.

 For lunch we went to Thomasville and had b-b-q chicken sandwiches and stopped here. The Doctor walking without the cane.

 The Bread Wagon is an Amish (yeah, that's right, in South Georgia) bakery. For left to right: whole wheat, cinnamon bread and tomato/basil. I made grilled provolone and goat cheese sandwiches with the tomato/basil bread. We also got lemon squares.........eaten in the car on the way to Tallahassee.   In Tally we went to World Market and stocked up on beer and wine.

 At Publix this morning I found this. I just couldn't leave them sitting there.

Not an outfit photo, just me say "Hi". I had just come in from the pollen zone, AKA outside, and my eyes are all itchy. It's been really bad this spring. I'm not usually this bothered by it. I look sooo pretty, I forgot to flat iron my bangs!

Hope everybody is having a lovely weekend. 

See you soon  


  1. Two fab finds. Sounds like our jumble sale prices. That bread sounds delicious.
    Good to see the Doc getting better, sorry about your hay fever. x

  2. That bread looks amazing! I just found out that we have a new European bakery in town and I'm afraid to stop and look :)
    Our allergies have been brutal this year too, in So Cal, the land of no rain ever.

  3. That dress is sweet and under a buck what?!?! I am a sucker for tomato basil bread I get it at our locals farmers market. I love it toasted with cream cheese and butter:) Thank you so much Thorne for your kind comments about my Dad. I am feeling so much love from all you gals.

  4. The tomato-basil loaf with cheese combo sounds amazing! Especially toasted and topped with fresh spring greens! And with cold beer! Ah, dreams of summer....

  5. so cute dress!, and delightful breads!, this post is making my mouth water!
    Sorry you're suffering allergies, you're right: this spring is being particularly itchy!