Monday, April 7, 2014


But first, I completely forgot to credit where the production photos came from: Bryan Garris took the show photos during one of the shows. I think it's better to do that, as it keeps the action flowing.

Here's a lovely cast and crew photo. Yes, the guy in the upper left is wearing a hard hat the looks like a cowboy hat. The woman in the lower right is our amazing director, Jacque Wheeler.

Some of the lovely chorus ladies: Carla Paige, Chele North, Christie Jo Mayo, Jasmine Lewis and Kenya Delouis.


 Blake Fountain as The General and Josh Barcol as Magaldi the tango singer

 Eva's brother and sister, Chele North and Tyrell Ruffin

"Pervita" in the make-up room during intermission. That's Jenah Colledge in the background, she was in charge of keeping all the wigs pretty during the run.

Now, I know everyone wanting to know how "that dress" was made. You can see part of the top in the above photo. We cheated. The Boss found a column dress that had a weird tulle bustle thing for $50 at a resale shop. In theatre, time is money and it would have cost a heck of a lot more to build that dress from the ground up.

We kept the column dress in one peice so we can use it later. The weird bustle thing turned out to have been a skirt that was folded in half (?) I took all the layers apart( all 7 layers) and remade them into a shirt. For some unknown reason the bustle thing also had a hoop petticoat, which had the metal hoops still in it. With the skirt all put back together we ended up with a 2 piece dress. (the straps were added to hold it on the dress form) Lucky for us it didn't need hemming. The skirt is: 1 hoop petticoat, 1 layer of satin, 1 layer of stiff net and 4 layers of tulle.
Here's the dress during "Don't Cry For Me Argentina" . I'd say that was $50 well spent. Rebecca Morris as Evita.

Hope you enjoyed The Rainbow Tour of Evita......

Next up: Summer Stock!


  1. $50? You could make yourself a packet churning those out and selling them! x

  2. The costumes you have created are just gorgeous! If I had your skills I would make all my own clothes! Nice work!

  3. Chorus ladies look awesome in their 40's dresses! And it's amazing what you did with that bargain find dress for Eva.
    The story of Eva Peron sort of interests me because I happen to know a person who is related to Juan Peron, she lives in Finland. She actually has the same last name too.