Monday, August 4, 2014



On Saturday morning the weather was so nice (low humidity) we decided it would be fun to go on a hike.  We went to Reed Bingham State Park, which is about an hour north in Adel, Georgia 

"Do these walking sticks make me look fat" I couldn't help myself.  Note the old school flip phone. He's so retro.

 Your "brave" blogger posting a selfie without make-up! Stop the presses! Alright, get over it, it's a hike and it's hot. I'm wearing a hat I made years ago and an Audrey Hepburn t-shirt I got at the by the pound store for probably a quarter.

South Georgia is pretty much a swamp. The park has a lot of trails that go through the swampy parts.

 The swampy part. The water is pretty low this summer, otherwise it would be around waist high.

So, in order to use the trails in the summer, there are a lot of boardwalks. The boardwalks make it so 100% of the park can be used. I don't know about you, but I'm not slogging through waist deep swamp water.

 Not sure but I think these are honeysuckle and hibiscus

 Weird fungus growing on some trees.

 A thick forest canopy of 5-6 different kinds of tress.

 The Little River which runs through the park

The Doctor standing on a boat ramp. The river is used for kayaking, fishing and general boating.

 We ran into some wild life. A pretty butterfly

and a spider in the sky. No gators, which is a good thing.

A pond with lily pads (and no gators)

 Creepy looking dead tree.

Palmetto palms. If you've ever eaten hearts of palm, you ate the roots of this plant.

It was nice to be able to get out into nature. Later on Saturday evening, the humidity came back and the heat index went up to 102! At 8:30pm! Yeah, to living in a swamp!


  1. I'd kill to join you both on that walk, its so tropical and lush looking. You made that hat? Amazing! x

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  3. Oh those temperatures are too darn hot for me! Love the look of the hike though, all that lush vegetation. xxx

  4. The green looks so lush, so cool, and then I read the part about 102. Yikes! I'm glad there were no gators in the park on your way through. That's an awesome hat you made.

  5. Love the hat! Must I be equally honest about walking in a swamp at 102 looking for gators...?! Now, if you'd agree to sit at a table and quaff a cold beverage whilst dictating your memoirs into a recording device*, that I'd gladly agree to do!

    *It's the easiest method of writing, believe me, a ghost writer of many years experience behind the curtain. If you wrote only about your years at the college, and simply did a "show and tell" for costume design and creation, think how many copies you'd sell to almuni alone! Never mind the poor amateurs struggling to cope.

  6. makeup and outdoors adventures just don't mix! And you made a hat? Like, really? Neato!

  7. You look so cute in your hat and Audrey tee! What's really interesting is that there was a butterfly that looked just like that on my porch this weekend!!

  8. I thinks swamps are cool, yeah I said it! This looks like a killer place to wander! No gators please! How the heck did you make that hat???

    1. I made the hat from braiding raffia into long braids, then sewing it in a hat shape. It's kind of lumpy, but it does it's job.

  9. Nice walk in the park! Tks for sharing and you look good without makeup!
    I'm so jealous of tee!