Wednesday, August 13, 2014



After last weeks "Fur Twins" (yes, their  eyes close) I thought about a pretty, sweet doll post. Nah,  lets go back to Creepytown!!!

Say Hi to Brother and Sister Amish.

Remember the movie Witness? It was set in Pennsylvania Amish country. All I know about the Amish is they live on farms, ride around in horse drawn buggys and for some odd reason are the stars of 2 reality tv shows. Breaking Amish and The Amish Mafia, I kid you not. Not being a fan of reality tv, I've only seen the ads. Breaking Amish looks like Amish kids gone wild and the other one, the title pretty much says it all.  The dolls look like they've had way too much electro shock therapy.

I'm getting new glasses on Friday. So a lot of posing is going to be happening around here.  See ya then!


  1. Remember the Jay Leno "true story w/photo" intro: Amish kids go wild? About the buggy race that ended with a horse atop a lady's car. Then the lady busted them when they tried to come up with a story -- but she remembered her Deutsch? Well, that was me! And these are THEM!

  2. Oooh yeah...let's go to Creepytown. Look at their eyes! I remember Witness. I quite liked it. Not sure about Amish kids gone bad though!xx

  3. From what I heard the Amish are not baptized into their religion until they are adults. This gives them the opportunity to choose wheter or not they want to be Amish. Many of the young go through a wild phase while deciding, during which they can have and do non Amish things like having radios and listening to music.
    The Amish are strictly non technology non modern people. They do embrace things that will be of a help to them like having electricity and running water in their dairy barns because it helps them meet the state standards so they can sell their milk. But they don't have electricity in their homes

  4. wouuu, creepytown is becoming a Great City!!

  5. The Amish fascinate me. I rather like his beard! x

  6. The shows Breaking Amish and The Amish Mafia are both very, very fake. Don't waste your time even if you get the chance to watch them. And those dolls? "Creep" to the "ee".