Saturday, August 23, 2014



See? Ugly!!! I call this style of dress, or jumper, a school teacher dress. I've seen way to many school teachers wearing this kind of frumpy, neuter thing. Why in the heck did I, with all my stylish awesomeness, buy this thing? See that skirt? See all that light weight denim? I have a seam ripper, a bottle of dye, a pair of shears and a vintage 1970's pattern, that's why

 and now it's cuter than kittens in a basket!

 Before you get all excited, it's about 4 sizes to small for me. It's a size 12 for a 34" bust, and, well, lets not go there.

I used the view in front, but didn't add lace and used the left over print fabric for the bow. I guess I "upcycled".  If you can't seem to find fabric, sheets or anything else to turn into clothes at second hand stores, why not check out the ready made stuff? Remember this blouse I made out of a long skirt?

Think outside the box and have fun. Even if the halter top turned into a hot mess, the fabric only cost $2. Even with the cost of a bottle of dye, it was cheaper than buying denim.

Now for some more news: I'm going to be taking a break from blogging and facebook for a couple of weeks. No major life events or anything dramatic, just a short break. I may be able to do a few Weird Doll  Wednesday posts, but don't worry if I don't. I just means that I don't have my laptop and I don't like using other computers. I see you all in a couple of weeks.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! What a transformation. I used to do that a lot, remaking a plus size dress into something else, not always to wear but as practice when I was still learning.
    Enjoy your break, miss you already! x

  2. Goodbye frumpy frock, Hello funky top...pure genius!
    I really love the long skirt to blouse transformation too, outside the box thinking definitely works a treat.
    Have a nice break :)

  3. Ah, that's a great book, "The Three Boxes of Life"! And having lived long enough to explore their interiors, you're well equipped to think outside them. Enjoy your ramble along the detour...keep an eye open for aliens with blue eyes, wearing fur...

  4. Holy sweet jaysus. This halter is the fecking Promised Land. xoxoox

  5. Love that halter top, what a great refashion.
    Another one taking a break, there's a lot of it about! See you when you get back! xxx

  6. The dress has been revolutionised and I love the saying "cuter than a basket of kittens".