Tuesday, December 10, 2013



I'm on Winter/Christmas break, so it's the perfect time to re-do my bathroom. 

The lovely before. I took the doors off the vanity so the plumbers could remove the old sink.  A wise friend once told me that you can do a lot of home improvements yourself, but you should call a plumber and electrician.   Hell yeah!

 Holy cats, what did I do? That bag is full of old floor and, yeah, the toilet is in the bathtub. Thank goodness we have another bathroom.

The after! Yeah, that's more black and white floor. I had left over from the kitchen. The sink, vanity and faucet are from IKEA. I looked all over the place for something narrow to fit the space. My choices went from ugly and cheap to WTF! Who's crazy enough to spend $700-$800 on a vanity? So IKEA it was. The whole project took 3 days and cost around $350, including the plumbers coming twice, fixing the broken part on the toilet and figuring out the pipes for the sink.

I took last photo standing in the closet, which also has a new floor. Now I have to put everything back in the closet. I'd say that's the prefect time to sort through and make a donation bag. 

Maybe, just maybe if it cools off, I can start thinking about pulling out all the Christmas stuff......................................


  1. Great makeover! And for $350? Let this be an inspiration to everyone contemplating doing the same. I love your IKEA vanity and black and white floor. Pat yourselves on the back.

  2. you're coming to do my bathroom next right??