Friday, December 20, 2013



After the home improvements, decorating for Christmas and doing some yardening(yard work/gardening) my style awesomeness have taken a back seat

 See, what I mean. Geez, woman, ya could have put some lipstick on! I keep forgetting to take photos of when I do look "fashionable".  Heck with it, I'm on vacation.

I was downtown the other day mailing cards and stopped in to the Hope Thrifts store.

 where Christmas tree stands go to die.  Some of them look like green lampshades. Because I was walking, I had to not buy the whole store. But........

Roxie got a new hat.

 Here's a side view. The bow is light green. And it's 21" around, which means it's 3" too small for my head. Boo Hoo.

I was rummaging through the patterns. Most of them were 80's-90's, but look what I found.......

1940's, 1950's and 1960's! Working in theatre what I like about vintage patterns is the graphics. See how nicely styled the suit on the left is? And check out the hair styles on the evening wear. I'll sometime hand an actor an old pattern and tell them "do this with your hair and makeup"

Enjoy whatever you do for whatever holiday you do. 


  1. In my last fashion awesomeness pose, I forgot to wear lipstick so I photoshopped it in.

    I have the problem all the time with hats - they are usually too small.

    Great finds on those patterns. I would also snag them for the graphics.

  2. I have the same size head as you! I rarely find hats to fit either! x

  3. Ouh nice hat! i'm lucky with hats, most of them fit me - I'm always looking for hats when i thrift shop - I should do a post of all hats - Nice patterns you found, nice when you can sew as well like you do - They are great inspiration as well -

    I'm on vacation too! Isn't great!


    Ariane xo

  4. Look at that hat! Gorgeous! But I think it is very small, I usually don't have problems finding hats, but that' is almost 2 inches too small for me also. However, my current 30's style hairdo takes more space than what my actual head size is.