Saturday, December 21, 2013



Over Thanksgiving Break, I went to the By-the-Pound store in Charlotte, NC with MTW. I got 14 pounds of stuff for $21. Here's it all piled on the floor.

Big old pile of stuff

 While I was getting it all ready to wash, I noticed I'd bought pieces that made outfits.  "Hmm, maybe I should make outfit posts of what can be found second hand" Here's outfit #1: Vintage Sears a-line skirt and Vintage Jessica's Gunnies, which is part of Gunnie Sac/Jessica McKlintock

 The blouse is in the Gibson Girl/1900's style and would have been perfect on one of the maids in A Little Night Music from last summer. Note the leg of mutton sleeves.

"Polo? I got your Polo right here lady"

Both pieces are Polo Ralph Lauren. The pants are brand new, still had the store tag. The sweater is a wool/linen blend. Who's says you can't find nice quality clothes at a thrift store? Not this girl. Both of these outfit probably cost around $5. One of the reasons I decide to do You Got That Where is some people don't believe me when they ask me where I got an outfit. I get one of two reactions: Horror (I wear dead people's clothes) or shock( you got that where?) As Bella Q says: SHOP SECOND HAND FIRST!!!!!!

Have a lovely weekend!!!!!!


  1. Wow, what a haul - can't believe that the Ralph Lauren still had the tags on. I agree with Vix, the blouse is very pretty. The sweater looks really snuggly and warm too. Great finds.

  2. I like the blouse too! And I'm liking the concept of clothes-by-the-pound.
    Now where the heck is your PURPLE post? Your link was to your general blog feed...

  3. Outstanding haul! Buying clothes by the pound is an excellent method of shopping. I've only be able to thrift by the bagful and I thought my bag would burst before I got to the checkout.

  4. Wiat... by the pound shop?!?!? WHAT! Such a thing exists? Where have I been?

  5. Oooh, I do wish we would have similar shops here aswell. There used to be similar charity shop in the capital, where you could do bargain finds by kilo's. But they closed that down several years ago. Too bad, because that was awesome place. I still have a skirt I bought from there and it's my favourite.