Friday, December 13, 2013



Well, I'm finally in the Christmas  Spirit. Thanks in part to the Menopausal Supermodel. She puts Christmas trees in her bathroom! Go check her out.

Let's start with outside......

 I made this wreath with a straw form, some left over yarn and a second hand Santa.

 My friend, J Willis makes these. This is the front door.

 Made with bits and pieces of stuff that ends up on the cutting table by John H.

 Got these vintage electric candles today for 49cents a piece. And they work.

A couple of years ago I decided to divide my ornaments up between 3 trees: the big main one in the living room, a Santa one in the den, and a Christmas Around the World one in the dinning room. First up: Christmas Around the World

 I got this Russian lady at Miss Kitty's Cat Rescue a couple of months ago.

 Weird dolls on the tree, from left to right: Bali, Germany, Indonesia, Queen Elizabeth I, I don't know where the pink and gold one is from, and a Chinese nutcracker.

 Mexico and an Indian elephant photo bombing


 Russia, Germany and Ireland

 Holland, India, Florida Seminole doll, Portugal, Guam

 Santa in a shoe. I've had this guy so long I have no idea where he came from. Any guesses? I seem to be lacking anything from Africa, I'll have to do something about that.

 This is what the trees looked like last year with it's old topper

A left over prop glitter star from Carousal that the prop master gave me during the strike. He gave all the stars away. Stuff like that gets thrown out after shows, so we can take it out of the trash and keep it. 

That's one trees down and two to go. Off to watch 2-hours of Grimm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I love your international Christmas ornaments!

  2. Love your international theme- It's different from what we see all over - I had a doll collection when i was a little girl- I love the snowman - interesting what material was used to construct the snowman, shows that you can use just about anything, just need a litlle imagination - Yes i have seen Tamera's ornaments in her bathroom, what a crazy girl she is



  3. Three trees! You've a way to go to match Tamera, but even so, that's three more than I have managed yet... Love the international doll fest - nothing says Christmas like Elizabeth I and a red devil! xxxx