Monday, December 2, 2013



I'll get back to that.  I've had a 9-day vacation for Thanksgiving. Before we went to visit my BFF (from now on called MTW) I got in some thrifting.

Last Monday, I got all this at the local charity. The men's shirt is from The Kings Road Shop at Sear's and the blue sweater is cashmere from Peck and Peck. I can't pass up cashmere at the charity shop. I'm not taking this one apart, but if the seams are sewn, the sweater can be pulled apart and you can make something else out of it. Recycle it!

 On Tuesday, I won all these purses on a local on-line auction. 22 purses for $11. I gave MTW the fake Channel and I used one that has a beaten up handle for my "beauty products" on the trip. Yeah, I spelled that wrong

 More birthday gifts. A Frida tote bag, homemade cigar box art, a note book and a weird doll. She'll show up on Wednesday.

About breaking my rule. I don't like that Christmas has become the reason to stand in line at a store so you can beat someone up for that $10 toaster ( and I'm not even religious) When this trend first started, I swore I'd never shop on Black Friday....until this time. Does it count when I shopped at 2 Value Villages, a Goodwill and my new favorite place on earth, The by the pound outlet?

 What I got at the by the pound outlet. Yeah, that's a wedding dress. And the label......

 Brand new Polo slacks that are The Doctor's size. All of that was $20, including 2 items MTW tossed in. Wait for those. I'll be posted more photos of that pile of clothes made into outfits in the coming days. I decided to made a new feature, instead of photos on clothes, I'm going to make outfits. I'm finding myself getting bored with photos of random clothes. Look for that soon.

 A couple doors down, is a Value Village. Full length Harris tweed coat, a blazer and a vintage dress.

 The Value Village on the other side of town: silk scarf, Henry Higgins hat and a priest shirt. None of theses stores were crowded and the people shopping were friendly.  This was in Charlotte, North Carolina  in what some people call "the bad parts of town" Yeah, whatever.

 Our last stop was the Goodwill in the town MTW lives in. She was dealing with some phone messages and I found this robe/kimono. I had been put on the quest since summer to find MTW this item. Ha, yeah, I'm that good! Her quest was find me a handtooled Mexican purse (which she did) now her new quest is finding me a leopard coat.

 Here are the 2 items MTW found at the by the pound outlet. A Kate Spade wallet and a Maurizo Taiuti leather bag. The first thing we did when we got home was google "Maurizo Taiuti". The smaller version of this bag was being offered for $250.00 on a resale site. How does a high end bag like this end up at the Goodwill By the Pound Outlet? 

We had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner and spent our down time watching the first (and only season) of The Lone Gunmen. Does anyone remember this show? It was a spin off of the X-Files and lasted 13 episodes in the spring of 2001. 
The show was about 3 guys exposing cover ups in their newspaper "The Lone Gunmen". The reason I'm going on about this old show, is the pilot episode. The pilot aired in March of 2001 and dealt with the guys foiling a plot an airplane into the World Trade  Center!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We all know what happened 6 months later.  Crazy or what?


  1. Black Friday shopping does not count when you thrift shop but don't worry about it, nobody will throw paint at you!
    They are trying out the BF thing in Montreal, apparently it's catching on slowly - I don't shop on BF too many folks and i can say i don't like X-mas shopping at all, it's a zoo i tell you and the animals are rude as hell!

    Love your finds, wondering about the wedding dress, what will you do with it?

    Is that Richard Harris on the cover of the Lone Gunman?



    1. The guy with the glasses is Dean Haglund (sp). I haven't a clue what I'll do with the wedding dress, I couldn't pass it up

  2. I too shopped thrift on Black Friday. Didn't get near the haul that you did tho ~

    I'd pull the beads and lace off of that wedding dress ...

    1. it has a couple of stains, if I can't get them out, it will become a mini-dress

  3. Thrifting doesn't count!! You got some awesome stuff!!

  4. Haha! Who could resist those purses!

  5. They're right, it doesn't count if it's charity shopping, so you're good. What a haul! All sorts of treasures. The vintage dress looks cute, and I love the kimono. xxxx

  6. Replies
    1. good eyes! It's a shawl. I wish it was a poncho.

  7. so fabulous purchases, that wallet and leather bag are really cool!, and that kimono looks amazing!
    I dislike christmas consumerism too, but some charity shopping is always fabulous when you have so wonderful opportunities!

  8. You have a great eye! So many wonderful finds. I have the same Frida bag in blue! Thank you for sharing with Hat Attack.

  9. You scored! Happy birthday darling!

  10. What a haul! You shoot, you score. Great finds- and yeah I don't like the queue or excuses but sometimes you gotta shop regardless of day of the week.

    Happy Birthday, much belated Thorne. Hope this year sparks magic for you.