Friday, April 5, 2013


I promise this is the last Pippin post. Most of these photos belong to Jessica Mathis. This is way I love these kids. They make my job worth going to.

Jessica, Emmanuel and damn mask, I'm not sure who this is, maybe Sarah Beth? Emmanuel played the Leading Player, the part that made Ben Vereen (sp) famous
Smile! Micheal, Larren, Caitlin, Jessica and Josh

Ashley, who played Bertha, Pippin's grandmother and Jessica

We only let the most refined young  ladies into our program. And a random refined young man

Emily, she's got a bald cap under that big hat .

Kelsey S. and Jessica

Chela, Blake and yep, Jessica

Micheal as  a Player

And just because I can, Ethan in the best costume in the world.
Up next for us is our summer stock season, which we start working on May 13th. And, of course, I'll be post photos of all that fun. Have a wonderful weekend! And remember: We've got magic to do.


  1. I need that sequinned and fringed bra in my life!

  2. Vix you don't have one already :)!!! These kids are great I love drama geeks! They are all so animated, who would have thought?

  3. They look as though they are loving every minute of performing and being in costume - good for them! And the costumes look spectacular. xxxx

  4. The costumes are splendid!

    Ariane xxxx

  5. Oh my dear what an amazing job on the costumes!! They're absolutely incredible and the make up and masks are perfect. What a great team of sassy performers with 'TUDE!!!!! Bravo, bravo, bravo!!!!!!!!! I know, the Muscles are so creepy, probably because they're anatomically correct;) xoxoxo

  6. I agree with Vix, those costumes are so exquisite I'd want them in my wardrobe

  7. I still want the pumpkin pants. What a refined group of ladies. I would love to have refined dainties and tea with them in the drawing room - best china of course.

  8. You do have an enviable job my dear, I'd love to do this for a living but I fear I would be able to make costumes as fabulous as this....maybe I could be your general dogs body...sourcing fabrics and threading machines and such like ;)
    I love all these costumes and all the actors look great...xXx