Sunday, April 28, 2013


  We went here on Saturday. North of Tallahassee Florida.

 It's a beautiful garden that was once owned by the Maclay family. I think they were from Scotland

 Spanish moss in an oak tree, with a pine tree in the foreground

 A sago palm. That bit in the middle will become a flower. Sort of looks like a peacock

 The Maclay home

 The branch on the left is attached to the oak tree behind. The branch is growing along the ground.

 Me in my peacock dress I got last November for my birthday

 Hmm, I sense a theme. Stone peacock.

 Reflecting pond with palm trees

 Man made pond with native Florida plants

 Ray, taking a break

 And a peacock necklace. The blue top was thrifted. I have the dresses belt tied around my head.

 Don't know what these flowers are called.

 Ray: "I could go up to the top and you could take the picture"

Me: "You could do that, and I could take a picture of you breaking you neck"

 The natural part of the garden

 Close up of the print on my dress.

 The bracelet I had to buy at Miss Kitty's Cat Rescue

 Also got these sweet earrings.

 And some new kicks. Coach for less that Converse? $38, All-Stars were $44. And I saved $60!

Now I have proof. I'm sassy and everybody knows it. The theatre kids that belong to our university's USITT( united states institute of theatre techs) Chapter gave out awards on Friday.  How sweet.  Today I hacked a bunch of vines out of the yard, I swear Tarzan could have swung on some of them. Now it's raining. One more day of class, then almost 2 weeks off. We start summer stock on May 13th. Yikkies!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Gorgeous garden, love the man made pond and all the exotic foliages. Love me a bit of peacock print, I think everyone on blogland's got that bangle. x

  2. Wow - that looks like such a beautiful place to visit.
    I love the print on your dress.

    Enjoy your week : )

    My Haunted Attic

  3. TG- the peacock dress and cuff have attracted my magpie eye. But the best bewitching print is the imprint that your joyous smile has in your selfie. You look so joyful!

  4. Beautiful beautiful gardens, and what a gorgeous print on your dress.
    Of course you're most sassy! xxxx

  5. These gardens look so southern to me, love that miss hanging in those trees. You were dressed perfectly in your peacock pretties! Way to go on the new shoes!

  6. It seems that everything is big in the U.S. Even the lava on the trees ...

  7. I am in love with your peacock dress!! GORGEOUS Ms. SASSY!!
    The gardens are stunning!

  8. What a nice place you went to, The gardens are spectacular!x
    You peacock dress is just lovely !

    Love and hugs

    Ariane x

  9. Oh wow, I love the peacock dress! That's too cool that there was a theme. :) You were fitting right in! The doll is cool today. You are right -- he is really rockin that hat!! The scenic pictures are lovely!


  10. Seriously beautiful shots! I love your outfit and I would have grabbed that bracelet, too!

  11. I have only one thing to say: peacocks <3!

  12. What an incredible print on your dress. You look awesome in this. The nature there is so lush. Spanish moss always reminds me of trips I went on to Florida when I was a kid. So romantic!