Saturday, April 20, 2013


Yes, it was cold at NOON!!!!

Ray's wearing a Pendleton coat he lovingly calls "the horse blanket". It was $10 at the Goodwill in Berkeley many moons ago.

Awe, Spring!

 Funny how the weather is here, 2 days ago it was in the high 80's. Some of the tomato plants have flowers already, yeah, homegrown tomatoes are the best

the $1 racks.

 This is Hope Thrift, it's in an old grocery store and is huge. See that black t-shirt? Keep Facebook.......

$21 and change later

Roxie got a new hat.

 I don't know if this hat is vintage or not (no labels) but it's too small for Roxie

$1 rack long sleeve t-shirt. Perfect for the 4th of July, if I lived somewhere that wasn't hot as hell in the summer
Women's Pendelton blazer, it's about a size too small, maybe by winter.........

Powder blue polyester 1970's jacket. Oh, wait, does that label say "Givenchy Sport"?

 It really does, and I'm sure Mr. Givenchy is very sorry about that. Who every thought powder blue was a good color?

midnight blue acetate taffeta slip

homemade 70's dress, with drawstring waist and a pussy bow

$0.25, and it's from "Downunder"

 And from the second store. It was a strange funnel neck and fits really well

this is also from the second store and was $1.99

 Back to Hope Thrift

2 lurex tanks

 Thanks to Jennie from Frocktasia, I bought lurex, lurex from Old fucking Navy! And I like them, and of course, true to Old Navy's weird sizing the XL fits tighter then the L. They were $2, so how could I pass them up?

Silk blend cardi for summer. It  snaps down the front

Leslie Faye 80's dress.

Bad photo, sorry. Sort of a strange dress; it has a fake wrap skirt, and a wide elastic band at the waist and of course, a pussy bow. It's a little tight, but being long sleeved and kind of heavy, I won't be able to wear it until next winter. This weekend is much better than last. I must thank you all again for your kind words. What a week! Sometimes, when it rains, it pours.


  1. hi thorne . you got some great stuff. i'd love to hunt through the $1 rail . they are so neat. if its $1 here its thrown in a heap.
    i have not being shopping lately and i really miss it. i went to a market today and i got nothing!!
    i'm in need of a thrift shopping fix. lucyx

  2. So much stuff! It's a little overwhelming to search through loads of racks, our charity shops in the UK tend to be quite small and less over facing. But you found some good things, the little lurex tops and silk cardigan are cute, and I love the pendant and the hat (even if it is too small!) xxx

  3. Wow, so much to rummage through! You got some great stuff! xxx

  4. Oh you got some great stuff. I still get excited to see Pendleton anything- horse blanket would cost much more than a 10 spot these days!

  5. Arrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhh!!!!! Sorry just having a bit of a turn here at the sight of that GLORIARSE taffeta slip eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!!! Please tell me you'll wear it as a frock this summer, or at least have its sweet little hem peeking out from under a skirt? I love the pendant so much I can't wait so see it on you:) xoxoxoxo

    1. I wish I could wear it, it's a 32. Maybe I could hang it around my neck and start a new trend?

  6. it IS a blanket coat!! We have a sort of equivalent brand here called Swan-Dri, and they make outdoor wear, but not in funky plaids!
    I LOVE your big ass thrift shops,they're perfect for being lost for hours in! Nice scores, lovey, you did very well! XXX

  7. I can't get over how massive your chazzas are, it must take ages to go shopping! Loving that pendant. x

  8. Wow--what GOODIES!!! The thrift gods were smiling on you, too!!
    I wonder where the powder blue polyester BELLBOTTOMS that went with that jacket wound up--cuz you KNOW that was a leisure suit!!

    1. I checked on-line, Givenchy Sport is what Charles' Angels wore( cue music)

  9. Oh wow! Great finds!! That looks like a great store. We used to have a very large thrift that was in an old grocery store. It was really cool. It was in a very historic old town and lots of unusual stuff turned up, but then they closed it down. Sad.


  10. Great thrifting! Your Old Navy lurex is luscious...lovely, lurid. In your later post I see you finally figured out how to wear the slip! LOL.