Thursday, April 4, 2013


And now the magic goes away!

Plastic vacu form armour, before

And after. Waiting for the actors in the scene shop


Some of the women's breastplates, we made these out of  paper mache. See the purple one on the right? That's why you never toss out broken jewelry.
Pippin and the ladies

The Players

Frolicking AKA the sex ballet

Louis and Fastrada in the "Spreading A Little Sunshine" number

Oh, darn,The King is dead
I took the photos of the armour and Eli Siegel took the production photos. She also designed the lighting. Today and tomorrow with be taken up with lots and lots of laundry, such a glamorous life! I've got some more photos of backstage hijinks, for another day. Interesting side note, Pippin is in previews in NYC for the Broadway revival, which is opening soon. We were so lucky that the rights to do the show weren't pulled. That would have meant we won't have been able to do the show and would have had to scramble to find a replacement one. Because of the way musicals are ok'd, if a major tour is in production or the show is on Broadway, regional or university theatres can't produce that show. It cuts into the $$$ for the big shows, which can charge more for tickets. It's a crazy system, but that's the breaks. Anyway, not many people who came and saw our production will be going to NYC to see that production.  Hope this wasn't a really boring post.


  1. Seeing just some of the work that goes into making the costumes for a show makes you realise what a huge undertaking it is - SO much to do! The costumes look fantastic, I hope everyone is very pleased with them! xxx

  2. Farking WOW!!!!
    The armour is incredible, you've done yourselves PROUD! XXX

  3. No way, this is so cool! I love it when we see a bit of what you do. I think the armor is killer and all the others costumes too. Nice work!

  4. wow! that armour is just amazing, love the colours, the production looks great

  5. This was a truly UNboring post. I can't believe you worked on those costumes - so much dreaminess here. Toil toil. You bring that magic. Fantastic job on the women's armour! It makes me want to be a Viking and sing opera. Wrong genre, wrong play, but still...