Sunday, April 7, 2013


my new Hawaiian maxi-dress and Bahamas straw bag : both under $10!

Deb, Queen of Dogland borrowed a headband. My eye are closed because I can't believe that's veggie burger!

It was a faculty and staff party
 Mike S.: Dean of the Honors Program
Tish: one of the FAB's cleaning ladies
Deb: Queen of Dogland and retired faculty
Me: too awesome for words!
A live band payed, didn't catch their name
But the drummer........say hello the Dr McKinney, the new president of Valdosta State!

There was a free photo booth. I tried to get my scanner to work, no luck. 
It was a lovely day and I'm sure some of the old farts will think it's not right for the president to "rock out". Too bad for them. Today is also a beautiful day, but the weather channel says a high of 90 on Wednesday. Can we please have a week of spring before summer gets here? Thank you.


  1. i love your outfit . the head piece is beautiful. and the sun... oh the sun. lucyx

  2. Fantastic maxi for a bar-b-que and your two headbands are the perfect crowns. I laughed at your photo booth pics. That's how my blog photos SHOULD look. Love them! You have the coolest faculty and staff.

  3. Great dress and loving the headbands.
    A rocking new President and a photo booth, how exciting! xxxx

  4. That looks like loads of fun! Love the Hawaiian vibe! x

  5. That bar-b-que looks like a hoot and a half. I love your divine Hawaiian frock and headband ensemble, you look fabulous!

  6. I love your dress!!! It looks like you had a fun time! Fresh air, sunshine, live music, good food and friends ...Oh, and cool clothes. Perfection! :D

  7. so how long did it take for me to see the miss title? 4 days! The title should say "It" not "I" . Learn to spell!

  8. Love that maxi, and the straw bag is amazing! Yay for floral crowns; they really make an ensemble. :) It's awesome that the president rocks out. Can't wait to make up there this summer. Hope I can catch the shows! :D

  9. I want to wear a Hawaiian dress now! And I love the floral headband on you. I think you need one in everycolor.

  10. look at that sunshine!! you look great, love the dress! xx