Sunday, June 9, 2013

The gobo with our logo. It's a peach (Georgia, peach, get it?) PSST stands for Peach State Summer Theatre



As promised, photos from The Sound Of Music, the first part of ACT I. Because there's so many photos, I'm splitting the posts into three. Enjoy the show!

 The opening with the nuns. We made about half of the costumes.

 Maria, hanging out on the mountain.

 She twirls.........

....and twirls...................

                           and twirls some more...............

 They have a problem, it's Maria! Oh, no! What are they going to do?

 Send her to Capt. von Trapp as a nanny. He has 7 brats, I mean, lovely kids

                                  She arrives! In a butt ugly dress

         Meet the kids: Gretl, Marta, Kurt, Louisa, Friedrich and Liesl. Where's Brigitta?

       There she is! Maria with the three youngest ( kids and cast members) Gretl age 6, Marta age 7 and Brigitta age 10. See what I mean about the ugly dress? This is right before they break into Do-Re-Mi, I wish I could post video for the show, but rules are rules. These little girls rock it and don't miss a cue.

          Liesl and Rolf. She's 16 going on 17. Her dress was in a donation from last year and we know it was perfect for this show.


                                                      Happy girl

                                   Maria and Frau Schmidt, the housekeeper

                                        "You're getting new curtains"

                                "Can't let this beautiful fabric go to waste! Re-use, re-recycle!"

     The kids get afraid during a storm. Hey, it's the perfect time for a song!

          Let's put on a show! The Lonely Goat herder

     The kids all sneak back to bed, leaving Gretl on stage, all by her self.

Next post will be the second half of ACT I. Stay tuned!


  1. I've never seen the Sound Of Music but the costumes look fab. x

    1. I'd never seen it either, just clips from the movie.

  2. Sound of Music oh my! i have seen a million times!
    This production is awesome, the kids in the curtain outfit, brilliant! Beautiful!

  3. wow--just stunning!! Congrats!!

  4. I never seen it either.What great costumes!