Monday, June 24, 2013


I've finished my part of PSST 2013. The last show opened on Friday, now the costumes are in the hands of the wardrobe crew and I get 6 weeks off. I promise I'll be posting photos of A Little Night Music soon. Somehow we were so organized this time, we got a couple of days off. What did I do? Hit Half Price Monday at the Goodwill, of course!


I scored a visitor's guide to Versailles and a history of the Taj Mahal book. The clerk asked me if I was going on a vacation, told him I was re-decorating the house.

 2 matching dresses! And they fit. I'll has to hold off until fall to wear them.

 Pretty red 1970's dress from Penney's. My dress form was tipped forward and I didn't notice that looks so odd.

 Homemade funnel neck dress from the 1970's. It might fit by winter.

 Something for the fellows. And some sweet, sweet label porn.

 A blouse by "Joanna", whoever that is

 Back to the 80's sparkle evening jacket. It's a size 20 and it's too big!

 Printed red fabric and a pretty vintage tablecloth.

 About a week ago, we had another day off. And I went shopping. I treated myself to some now clothes.  All on sale. This blue t-shirt dress looks a lot better on. It's from Lucky Brand (on sale) and I've worn it twice already.

 Crazy sparkle top!

 A huge purple and red scarf/shawl from Urban Outfitters

 I got this dress to wear to the cast party. It's from Jessica Simpson, who I'm not that crazy about but this dress is so cute I had to have it. And I found a matching t-shirt! I have a photo coming up of me wearing the outfit. We got tired of listening to music, so we switched over to books on tape. We listened to all 7 Harry Potter books. Then decided to have a Harry Potter lunch.

I dressed in my house colors.

 From the left: butter beer, Hermine's field salad, wands and turkey and pumpkin empandas. I made them

Magic pretzel wands

 Here's where I had lunch. In the shade, under the tress. It was surprisingly breezy and cool. That's my Hello Kitty lunch bag

 Wearing my new dress at the fancy cast party. Table cloths and everything!

 I sat with these 2 classy guys.

 The rumor about the 4th show is true. Tomorrow's call time is 8:30am.

After Sunday's matinee show..............she said "YES!" Our stage manager's getting married! Her long time boyfriend popped the question after the show. He arraigned it with the producers, gee, you never now what's going to happen at the theatre!

I do believe it's time for lunch. And maybe some Netflix, or a book, anything but sewing.


  1. That's one epic haul! Have a happy 6 week break! x


  3. LOTS of shopping! You found all sorts of goodies. Love the green/blue floral dress, so pretty and you look great in it. xxxx

  4. Oh! I love this post! shopping , all kinds of goodies, your fabulous dress! It's so perfect!

    Ariane xxx