Sunday, June 2, 2013


The Menopausal Supermodel herself picked me. Thanks! Here are my answers to the questions she asked (yeah, with the questions, too)


1: Gold or silver?  Both, but my silver is always tarnished. I'm too lazy to clean it. 



2: What is your favorite candy? Duh, candy. If I have to pick one, it's plan M&M's.



3: Best book you've read recently? Phantom by Jo Nesbo. I like all he's books. Makes we want to go to Oslo, not.



4: Pet Peeve: people who can't follow simple traffic rule, and when they get tickets act like the world is ending. No parking means YOU!



5: What is your favorite season of the year? Summer, because it's light out for so long. Not too fond of the heat and humidity though.



6: What's your favorite color? Purple



7: Your life is going to become a movie. Who would play you? What? It's not already? Kate Winslet or Helen Mirren, go for the best.



8: You get to become a villain from a Disney movie for a day. which villain are you? Hmm, not a big Disney fan.  The one from Snow White, Malificant? 



9: If any character from a novel could be your best friend , who would you want it to be? I have no idea. I've been thinking about this question for a couple of days, I just don't know.



10: What is your favorite thing to eat for dinner? Do you make it or get ti from a restaurant? Oh, that's an easy one, Mac and cheese. I make it myself, but not very often. I could eat the whole pan.



11: It's your birthday, what for dessert? Chocolate raspberry cake.

That was fun. Now I have to pick some blogs that have under 300 followers and ask them 11 questions. Here's who I've picked: 5 amazing people that are from all over the world and have very different lives, which is why I like being a blogger. You get to meet the most interesting people!

                              First up : Lynn from Dylan's Dress

Second up: Ulla-Marie from Dude Looks Like A Lady

Third up: Catherine from Commard von Pussycat

Fourth up: Sara from Robust Rabble-Rouser     And last but not least: Peete's mom  Krista from Peete's Palace.

And my question are:

1 Paper or plastic? Do you recycle?


2 If you could spend a week as the opposite sex, would you?


3 There's a knock on your door, you've won a dream vacation, you have to leave RIGHT NOW. Where would you go?


4 Awe, The Arts! What's the last/best play you've seen? Why?


5 Do you believe in ghosts?  Discuss or not.


6 Left or right handed?


7 If you have pierced ears, how old were you when you got them done?


8 Tattoos?


9 If The Evil Overlords  take over and gave you the choice of living in all white rooms or only wearing all black clothes forever, which one would you pick?


10 Name three bands or singer you can't live without


11 and the last one........why did you start a blog?

Now I'll be letting the Five Winner (haha) know I picked them.


  1. You've introduced me to several new bloggers. And, yes to purple, and to macaroni and cheese. True comfort food.

  2. Summer all the way! I haven't had macaroni cheese since the 1970s, the first dish we learnt to take in Home Economics. It's pesto or nothing these days. xxxx

  3. Congratulations on your award.

    I love your answers - I would have chose Severus Snape for question 9 : )

  4. Love your answers!!!

    Helen Mirren was my second real choice to play me. LOVE her!!

  5. Thank you very much for nominating me Thorne *blush* :) I really appreciate having such a wonderful blogger friend such as you!