Sunday, June 16, 2013


THE MARVELOUS WONDERETTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





 The show is about 4 high school girls who get to sing at their Senior Prom in 1958. There's a bit of a plot, but it's just a gimmick to have a whole lot of oldies from the 50's performed. The songs all relate to the action on stage (think those ABBA songs from Mama Mia)

They won 3rd place at the state singing show!

                They don't spell to good.



They don't care!

  Who's going to be prom Queen?  Oh, no, not you, Cindy Lou!

Suzy, is Queen of Your Dreams!


Some of the songs in ACT I:


Mr Sandman


Stupid Cupid


Lipstick on Your Collar


Dream Lover


All I Have to Do Is Dream


Born To Late


Mr. Lee ( which Missy songs to an unsuspecting audience member)




Teacher's Pet



ACT I ends and everybody lives happily ever after....... or do they?

ACT II, it's now 1968 and a 10 year high school reunion! Where's Suzy?


                                              Here's Betty Jean!

                                                          And Missy!

                                                  And Cindy Lou!

There she is: Suzy!

   Lots of dancing!  Missy gets a ring for Mr. Lee after dating for 5 years and lots of "pizza".

We find out what the girls have been up to: Missy's a school teacher and just got engaged! Betty Jean is climbing the corporate ladder and still pining after Johnny. Cindy Lou ran off with the Leader of the Pack, but sadly,  now he's gone. Suzy married Ritchie and is a housewife and soon to be Mom.

Some of the songs in ACT II:


I Only Want To Be With You

It's In He's Kiss

It's My Party

Leader of the Pack

You Don't Own Me


and my favorite.....

Son of A Preacher Man

Like ACT I, the songs follow the action on stage.   I'm wondering if anyone will recognize the actors from Sound Of Music? All four of them are in it. And will be in A Little Night Music which opens in 5 days (holy shit!!!!!!!).

Now to the important part: I made all the costumes except Cindy Lou's prom dress. That was recycled from White Christmas (Sisters songs) I started Betty Jean's 2 in April, the actor playing that part just graduated so she was around for fittings. The 60's dresses were pretty easy to put together, The Boss got the fabric and laid out the patchwork and I sewed them all together. I want one!      

The show's a lot of fun, if it ever performs near you go see it. You won't be disappointed.


  1. WOW - I gasp at all the work you did and how awesome those stars look. Your opening night high must never quit - there's just one followed by another, followed by another. If you sewing machine got travel miles you'd both be going around the world by now! Fantastic work!!

    1. Thank you. I wish I could post video clips, but royalty rules won't let me.

  2. Looks great - I would be singing along! Fabulous costumes. xxx

  3. What fantastic costumes! love the green boots! x

  4. How FABULOUS!!! I'd love to see this live!!

    And LOL I could TOTALLY picture Vix in the 1968 costume (except the preggo one-LOLO)

  5. O, wow, this looks like FUNNAGE! Just the sort of thing we'd take G's mama to! LOVE all the costumes, they're dazzling!

  6. I remember those go go boots ;) And gotta love those fluffy petticoats too!