Sunday, July 14, 2013



Today is the last show of the 2013 season, which turned out to be the most successful season to date! Thank you everyone who came and saw the shows. I thought it would be fun to show the different roles the cast had. All the photo are from Genny.


First up : the hardest working cast member, she was in all 3 shows.....Rachel Day!

She was Maria in Sound Of Music

Suzy in The Marvelous Wonderettes

 And Anne in  A Little Night Music.

Next up: Amy Fritsche

Cindy Lou in The Marvelous Wonderettes

 The Countess Charlotte Malcolm in A Little Night Music and Sister Berthe in Sound of Music ( that photo's coming up)

Here's Jim Sorenson as Max Detweiler in Sound of Music, with "Elsa" and "Mr. von Trapp". In the above photo, he's The Count Carl-Magnus Malcolm

She's 16 going on 17 in the Sound of Music.  Jennifer Maurer and Sean Patrick as Liesel von Trapp and Rolf Gruber, sweathearts.
 and as Fredricka Armfeldt and Henrik Egerman in A Little Night Music, half brother and sister.
 Micheal Elliot as Mr. von Trapp with "Marta" and Gretl" in Sound of Music
 and as Fredrik Egerman in A Little Night Music, with his wife "Anne", son "Henrik" and the cheeky maid "Perta"

Petra and Henrik

The Cheeky maid, Sandia Ahlers, was also Missy in The Marvelous Wonderettes.
 Second hardest working cast member? My vote goes the Barbara Dare Thomas. Seen here as "Elsa Schrarder" in Sound of Music

 As the world famous Desiree Armfeldt in A Little Night Music. She also directed and choreographed The Marvelous Wonderettes.

 Here's a sweet photo of the some of the ensemble/actor techs.From left to right: Chela North, Micheal McClain, Jessica Mathis, Dennis May, Josh Barcol, Larren Woodard and Ashley Anderson. Playing servants and guests in A Little Night Music. Dennis May played von Trapp's butler, he pretty much wore the same costume.
 Sisters Sophia, Margaretta, Berthe and the Mother Abbess, who was played by Tamara Hardesty. Caroline Hatchette, Sandia Ahler and Amy Fritsche.

 Adam Woodruff, Caroline Hatchett, Josh Barcol, Rebecca Morris, Madeline Thomas, Chela North and Micheal Elliot in The Sound of Music

 The Trio of Saengerbund third place, with Jessica Mathis, Larren Woodard, Madeline Thomas and Jim Sorensen

Ashley Anderson as Frau Schmidt, the von Trapp's housekeeper

Jessica Mathis as Betty Jean in The Marvelous Wonderettes

And dancing as a party guest in The Sound of Music, with Ethan Parker. With Larren Woodard, Rebecca Morris, Ashley Anderson and Dennis May looking on.

 Josh Barcol and Larren Woodard in The Sound Of Music as Baron and Baroness Elberfeld

 The Waltzing couple at the start of A Little Night Music
Chela North was the runner up in the singing competition in The Sound of Music. She also played a nun

 Micheal McClain played "Freidrich von Trapp" the oldest son in The Sound Of Music. The five younger children were only in The Sound of Music.

 Our actor/tech were also quit busy. Madeline Glenn Thomas played Mrs. Anderson, various parts in The Sound Of Music and worked in the costume shop. Ethan Parker played Mr.Erlanson, various parts in The Sound of Music and worked in the scene shop. Rebecca Morris played Mrs.Segstrom and built the set. She's the student carpenter during the school year.
 The other two actor/techs rounding out the quintet are Caroline Hatchett playing Mrs. Nordstrom, Sister Sophia in The Sound Of Music, she also was in charge of all the wigs in the show. She styled them and maintained them during the season.  Adam Woodruff played Mr. Lindquist and Herr Zeller in The Sound of Music and also worked in the scene shop

Adam and Ethan in The Sound Of Music

Wow, I think I got everyone. And I hope I haven't bored people to tears.


  1. Some serious talent behind those costumes and sets. One day I'll come and spend a day with you and you can teach me how to sew properly! x

  2. Boring? No way! Great photos. I loved this stroll through your productions. You can't keep good talent down on the stage and off the stage, including the costume department. Well done to all!!