Thursday, July 18, 2013




 Between this one in the living room......

 or this one in the "cantina". Of course, I'd move the trash can and tidy of the clutter.  This one is no flash, just light from the window. The living room one, is no flash with the light coming from a floor lamp. What do you think? I'm wearing a dress from Lucky Brand which is t-shirt knit and perfect for the freaking heat. Bought it on sale in June.

Last Saturday we hit 4 charity shops!

 The Russian spoons were 50cents at Miss Kitty's, as where the earrings and BVM pendant.  The straw hat (it fits!) plate, tie and books are from the Sallies. The patterns from GW. And the purse with the changeable cover (yes, that makes 2 this summer) from a charity shop in Quitman.

 The larger book is a children's book from 1960 called Let's Travel In Holland. The page I'm showing is called "Night Life On The Amstel", the description says "......shown here on an uncommonly quiet evening". Hmmmm.....guess she's going home broke. That tie tack at the top of the page was on the tie. The other book is an Iris Murdoch novel from 1969 called Bruno's Dream. Never read anything by her, so I'll give her a try.

 Another English souvenir! I can't pass up cool patterns. It's always a good thing to have a cape pattern.

Can't believe this hat fits my huge head! As it was only 50cents, I would have bought it anyway. It would have been rude not to. The purse w/the changeable cover is a different shape than the last one.  Another vintage tie.

So help me pick which location I should use.  And I promise to post more outfits in the future. That promise will also make me stop hanging around in tank tops and baggy pants, at least it not pj's and no underwear!!!!!!!!!!!! It's hot, but I'm not that lazy. HAHA!


  1. Great to see you! Love the vintage pattern and you're right, a cape pattern is always good. x

  2. Living room-definitely!!
    Lot's of awesome goodies scored!!

  3. Love the living room, looks like you got some fab things at the charity shops! I do love a good look around a charity shop, lovely post, now following hope you visit back :-)
    amy xx

  4. Yay the pic in the living room is fabulous. Great dress....with the paisley print.
    Look at all the fabulous treasure you found......the wee handbag is lovely.
    Love V

  5. I think the living room. What a great haul of treasures, the souvenir of London is my favourite.

  6. Replies
    1. thanks, but it's the other kitchen, aka The Cantina. Our house was a duplex, so that kitchen became an extra. The fridge is the beer/wine cooler and I painted the room 8 different colors.

  7. I like the dress, I like you in the dress and I like the kitchen ...

  8. Yes, one simply MUST have a cape pattern AND a fab 60s maxi pattern:). I really love the kitchen because I have a wandering eye and like to see all the other goodies too. xoxoxo

  9. The dress look lovely, and you scored all kinds of treasure. Make a cape for winter, please! And you can take your photos wherever you like, both locations are fine! xxxx

  10. Cape pattern is must have! I've never seen purse with changeable cover, are those common? It looks awesome. I like both locations, perhaps you can use both in turns?

    1. those purses were from the 1950's, I think. I have 2. I like the living room, but I'll change it up when I get tired of standing in front of the door.