Monday, July 22, 2013


 So that means spending the day thrifting! My bud Rebecca is starting her first job in 2 week, as a middle school art teacher. Middle schoolers are 10-11-12 years old. We wish her luck. She needed some work clothes, so we hit the charity shops. I got this cute blouse and craft thing at the Sallies. She got 3 blouses and a pair of slacks. For around $10! At our second stop, she scored. 2 pair of almost new shoes for $6. One pair was Born and the other was Cole Haan, both probably cost over $100 new. I found nothing, boo hoo.

 After lunch we hit the new store for The Hospice of South Georgia. Were she found nothing , but I found a vintage Viewmaster ( made in Portland) with a bunch of slides. $5.
 And this way cool hat, which was $6.
Last stop, yeah, another souvineer, cute purse, and Beat poetry. The purse was 79cents.
 Here's a close up of the plate. Made in West Germany.
Oh, yeah, and this!  The clerk asked if I was getting married.

It would have been rude to pass it up, as it was $3.99. Rebecca got another blouse. So, she has a good start on her work clothes for under $25.

The heat around here has sort of broke. It's been raining, but in the mornings it's been pleasant. I've been able to go out and weed the flower beds and plant some new stuff. Have a wonder week.


  1. You got some amazing loot--it's been a thrifter famine up my way.
    Our heat broke a bit--but we desperately need some rain.

  2. fabulous purchases, love particularly that pretty hat you're sporting!, it's hippietastic!

  3. That blouse is gorgeous, love the sailing boat print! x

  4. Great blouse and hat, and who doesn't want a bridal veil? Thrift shops are the perfect place to source a new work wardrobe , well done Rebecca. xxx

  5. I almost bought an ethnic hat like that from a thrift store in NY. Looking back, I have no idea why I passed it up. It was only like $3!

  6. i love theblouse . you did really well. good luck with the job rebecca

  7. The blouse is so cute.
    Love the vintage view master....they are so cool.
    Yay to finding treasure.
    Love v

  8. Such lovely finds! I remember Viewmasters. I agree about thrifting be a great place to get workplace pieces. Two pairs of shoes for $6? Yay!

  9. Judging by your finds and how much you spent on them, you had a very successful girls' day out! I have to say I'm quite jealous of the View-Master. It looks like it's in great condition, and for that many reels, $5 is a huge bargain. What reels came with it? - Francesca @ Image 3D

    1. some fairy tales, USA travel, some Charlie Brown.