Monday, July 29, 2013

I WAS ON A MISSION...........


to find Ray some "dress cargo pants". Now that's he's department head, jeans just wont do. We lucked out and found 2 pair at JCPenney's, the second store we hit.  Yeah, us! I didn't go thrifting this weekend, but did go to the garden center on Sunday.

 I wore this on Saturday. Mostly thrifted.

 skirt: $2, original from Target

lurex tank top:$1, Old Navy


belt and gray leggings: $4 and $10, new from Target.

 necklace: World Market

heart necklace: Forever 21

The art over my shoulder was made by Ray's Mom.
 the first pair of earrings I ever bought

scarf sewn onto a headband: homemade

weirdest thing I ever bought at a yard sale. Yep, it's a stuffed armadillo! $10 in Berkeley, Ca. 

 Got this load of plants at the garden center for $20.  Rosemary, Butterfly bush (Buddleia davidii "Nanho Purple")
 Russian Sage (Salvia rusa) 6 plants for $6!

 Planted in the rose garden. I did this this morning at 9am. It was 85dergees with 74% humidity

 'Effing hot!

The mailbox garden. I weeded this last week.

Also last week, I syped this sign at the creek on campus. Yuck!

I'll be staying inside for the rest of the day, as it's only going to get hotter. We've got August and most of September of the same old same old, mid-90's with a 50% chance of rain. Everyday. Yippie!


  1. Ugh--you've got the weather we've been having!!
    We have the same taste in plants--i lovew Russian Sage, rosemary and Buddelia Butterfly Bush!!

  2. We've got the same plants - somehow they just grow wild here (just as well, I'd probably kill 'em)! Your garden looks fab. xxx

  3. You look so funky!! Love the plaits (braids) and I LOVE your armadillo! XXX

  4. Eek, that's too darn hot for me!
    Buddleia grows wild everywhere here, it seems so hardy it can grow out of walls where you can't imagine how it gets any water or nutrients. It's tough as old boots, clearly!
    Love your skirt and plaits, and somehow a stuffed armadillo seems completely normal at your place, ha! xxxxx

  5. Aaaah you've gotta get up with the sun when summer planting calls ... I know what it's like, we must have a similar climate to your's, here in Brisbane. In the height of summer, nothing can be done outside until sunset, but at least your new plants are getting a good soaking each day:). xoxo

    1. after the sun goes down, it get more humid! Right at 9:30am the humidity is a lovely 84%!

  6. eewww! sewage spillage! I bet it was stinky! Taxidermy grosses me out but I love the armadillo! I live in TX so of course that's right up my ally!

    1. My husband was born in San Antonio and has a large armadillo collection

  7. That weather would leave my hair and me a total wreck. I love your outfit and your armadillo that thing is creepy weird cool. Have you every heard of The Bloggess? You would LOVE her book.

  8. Love you in braids!That armadillo is so cool.your garden is awesome.