Monday, July 8, 2013


 We'd planned on having a 4-day vacation over the 4th, but that didn't happen. Our land line was down and it took forever for the phone company to come by and replace the wires squirrels had chewed on.  The 4th itself was nothing special. It was too cloudy to see the fireworks from the parking deck. Boo Hoo. But I've been to the Salvation Army's new location twice! It moved four blocks from my house. On the first trip:

 Because a girl can't have too many purses. How do you feel about buying knock offs? I ask because that "Prada" bag was made in China. I only buy knock offs second hand, it's a nice purse, but Prada's not made in China. The cute blue one has a removable cover that can be changed out to match our outfit. The brown one is fake alligator.

  Sweet 70's men's suit. I bought this for The Doctor to wear as his "new suit", as a joke. It fit and now he really wants to wear it to the first department meeting. It's a Quarterback.

 Four ties for $4.  I ask again, why do men buy new ties?

 Here's the first question of the day for my English friends: fancy smancy tie was 99cents. Did I do good?

 Sweet souvenir from Yorkshire.  Which bring us to question #2: What's this for? My guess is loose tea. It's so sweet, I didn't ever care that the spout is chipped. It was also 99cents.

        Vintage nurse dress, because they're hard to find.

                      This also fit the Doctor

 New skirt for me!

Our local auction house has switched to on-line only. I'm missing sitting at the auction, listing to the auctioneer, but I won some cool stuff last week:

 32 Folio Society books, Random House box set of Remembrance of Things Past, a 3-volume deck dictionary, and a vintage Book Of The Month copy of Ulysses all for the grand total of $7. and change. 19cents a piece.

 How could I pass up these vintage Cafe Society Cat by Layton prints? $10! I have no idea who Layton is, I'll have to do a better search.

 On my second visit to Salvation Army, I found the women's suit. The waist on this puppy is 27", need less to say it doesn't fit me.

 Couldn't pass up the Boilermaker sweatshirt.  The Doctor got his PhD there. Go Purdue!

 Yummy, new cook books! Which brings us the question #3: The Shakespeare on is from England and has "English ingredients" that I don't know. What's castor sugar and demerara sugar?

 The other one is from 1963 and has this lovely photo of the Mad Men at a fondu party. Look it's Christina Hendrix one the right!

 Got a replacement for my beaten to hell favorite cookbook. The new to me one is the same edition as my old one. Someone is either the neatest cook in the world or never used it.

Vintage clip on tie with a cool label.

I've also started the Harry Potter-a-thon. We'd listened to the book on tape at PSST and I realized I'd never seen any of the movies. I got 3 down and 4 to go. Seeing as none of the blockbuster summer movies appeal to me, it's a fun thing to do in the afternoon, as it's too f'ing hot to do anything outside. I did get my walk in the other morning before it got crazy. It was a lovely 73 degrees, too bad the humidity  was 8am!


  1. Seriously awesome haul of goodies!!
    I think the Doctors suit is quite dashing!

  2. You made out like a bandit at the Salvation Army! Would love to see the Mr. in his new suit at the department meeting. I loved Remembrance of Things past, but have twice "lost" a copy of Ulysses as I was "trying" to read it.

  3. You have been busy. I like the Prof's suit very much and the cat pictures are pretty.
    Don't get too excited, lots of our stuff has a royal warrant label, even breakfast cereal and jam!
    Demarara is brown unrefined sugar and castor is finer granulated sugar (used in baking and on strawberries. xxx

    1. Thanks! As I'm not one of those Americans who in love with "The Royals", I know nothing about royal stamps of approval. It looks kind of cool.

  4. Hi there, Mrs. Thorne Garnet! My oh my, a Salvation Army just four blocks away! How do you stay away from it ever? Love the finds, including the "joke" suit. Will be funny if he wears it!! Sorry about your 4th. Mine was about the same. Ho hum. XOXO Lynn

  5. Oooodles of great scores!
    Bugger about the squirrels chewing the phone wires!
    Ah, the best laid plans go astray at times, still, with the Sallies just down the road, who could be sad?!XXX

  6. I love old fashioned nurses uniforms. I wonder why they stopped wearing those with the awesome hat??

    1. maybe because of all the sexy porno nurses? Nobody looks sexy in scrubs.

  7. You did so well, wow, lots of good stuff in the loot!
    I love the 1963 cookbook- so different how we live now, and it was not so long ago...
    Cool to have a Sally Ann that close but you will tempted to spend your money! I work downtonw, i have been spending my money lately, sales, sales and sales!

    Have a great week!

  8. Great stuff! Love the cat pics. My guess is the Yorkshire jar might be a biscuit barrel, though you could be right about it being a tea caddy, given the tea pot on the lid! But tea and biscuits do go together... Vix has already sorted you out with your sugar question and the tie! Love that retro fondu pic - I saw a mustard yellow 1970s fondu set in a charity shop the other week and soooo nearly bought it. xxx

  9. Wow I love the Quarterback suit and I agree, why would anyone want a new tie when there are gorgeous ones second-hand like these? I really love the blue one on the right in the first pic as it as an Art Deco-style design. I buy all my bags second-hand too and I love the interchangeable blue one! xo

  10. Wow, that skirt with the paisley whirls has me humming. And what a fantastic suit for the doctor. I agree, why buy new when you can get cool vintage men's neckties for a song.