Thursday, January 8, 2015



Geez, I sound like a jet setting lady of leisure. Over the New Years weekend I went to visit the BFF (and didn't take any photos).  But first, here's what I made for Christmas dinner.


 Roast chicken w/saffron, hazelnuts and honey. Sweet potatoes w/orange bitters. Couscous. Clementine and almond syrup cake. I'm not big on the traditional dinner, after all, I just made that kind of dinner for Thanksgiving.

Speaking of "made". I made a bunch of Christmas ornaments

 These are really easy to make: single earrings, up-cycled beads from broken necklaces, this that and the other thing, earring hooks and beading thread. They take maybe 10 minutes and are between 5-6 inches. Put them next to Christmas lights and it's pretty.

Of course we went thrifting. On Sunday we went to Value Village on South in Charlotte, N Carolina.

 I didn't get a discount for buying 5 purple items. The sweater in the back is cashmere and was $3.50. I was going to take it apart and re-use the yarn, it fit and I'm wearing it right now. I've never read Eloise, for 80 cents how could I pass it up?

 And this beautiful shawl? For $6 it would have been rude to leave it behind.

Of course, we went to the by the pound Goodwill. It's in the 2900 block of Freedom Drive. Got lots of stuff for $13.

 I was on a sweater roll. Along with the one from Value Village, The Doctor got 2 sweater vests and the brown one in back.


Of course it does!

 A wool blend sweater vest made in Guam? Guam is an island in the Pacific Ocean, nobody would even need a sweater there.

 This ones blurry, but that's an "S" for small. It fits me and I'm an XL.

 Love this label. I think this was a groovy line from Sears or JCPenney back in the the 1960's.

 Welcome to the '80's. The colors are pretty and the foam shoulder pads are huge!

 Found both pieces in the same bin. Cocoon wrap and matching dress. The label is "Patty O'Neil"

 The dress have in seam pockets and the sleeves match the wrap.

 Basic blue blazer, didn't find the pants.

 A complete hipster outfit of the summer. Add flip flops and go. That's not a stain on the skirt, it's light.

 An ugly/cute dress, which on me will be a tunic. It's short.

and, last but not least, make-up from the Dollar Tree. I need more nail polish like I need a hole in my head. The bottle is a skull, nuff said.

We did more than shop (ok, we went to IKEA on New Years Day), we watched Danish and French TV shows on Netflix. Dicte is a Danish show about a female crime reporter. And The Revents (The Returned) is a creepy French show about the dead returning. Also watched Only Lovers Left Alive, set in Detroit and Tangiers (let's go!).  Now I'm home and it's really cold. 23 degrees this morning. Good thing I bought a tons of sweaters.

 I did get some sad news when I got home. My friend and mentor and boss for 12 years (1992-2004) passed away on Jan 2. She was 71. RIP Vicki Pennington.



  1. Sorry about your friend.
    Some great scores there, who'd want a Suburbia Look? Sounds like an insult, groovy label, tho' . The gents' tank top and the Levi's action suit are fun and the cocoon wrap top and dress look very designery. xxx

  2. That's sad news about your friend, I'm so sorry.
    You look like you were very successful on your thrifting travels, can't beat vintage labels. Every man should have an Action Suit! xxx

  3. A wearable cashmere, a pretty shawl, an exceedingly versatile two-piece -- all are excellent thrifting scores! However, I suspect you'll find the odd pretty/ugly tunic a new favorite for travel wear. I've something like it that serves as a swim suit cover-up, a shirt for a slinky maxi skirt (worn to the restaurant with a bunch of bastard silver bangles) and (under a straw hat) a topper for capris at the beach. It washes and dries in a hour!

    The passing of a long-time friend is like the closing of a favorite book. I'm glad you had such a friend, Thorne, and I'm sorry for your loss.

  4. That food.MM!! Yes!! So sorry about your friends passing!!