Tuesday, January 27, 2015



My thoughts are going out to my friends that live in the NYC and Boston area. How many inches/feet of snow are you getting? We lived in Indiana and Cleveland, Ohio and I do not miss the snow. Down here in south Georgia it's a warm 60 degrees.


 I don't even need a jacket today.  And the outdoor plants are fine.

 My skirt can do this! Old (not vintage) Bo-ho skirt from Lane Bryant,  long in front cardigan from Nordstrom's Rack, boots are from Payless, the Prada bag is from the Salvation Army.

Nice, uh? It really was $2.50 from the Salvation Army and it's a total knock-off. The label says "Made in China". Hey, at least it's honest. As a rule, I won't buy a knock-off new, but if it's at the thrift store I don't care. Somebody else broke the law. That doesn't sound too flip, does it? Any thoughts on buying knock-off?


  1. I've never bought a knock off but the temps in Georgia right now make me want to buy some of that!!

    Nice to see you again!

  2. Yeah, it's like 70 here. AC during the day and heater on at night. My body is confused.

  3. I'm wearing a 'Christian Dior' faux-silk dressing down that was fabrique en chine. Faux is fine with me if it's acquired for less than $5 chez Goodwill.

  4. dont feel an ounce of guilt if I get it for a £1

  5. wouu, love your hippie-boho skirt, shiny and printed all together!
    and have no problem about buying knock-offs at a thrift shop (everything looks better if it's thrifted!)