Friday, January 23, 2015



About this time last year, I sort of made a vow not to buy much because of the house being for sale, moving, ect. I only spent $454.25 on clothes. This year, the hell with it, I'm back to normal.

I've always wanted one of these, but pay full price? I don't think so.


 Found a almost new pasta marker at a little charity shop in Tallahassee for $4.99. So far I made one batch of homemade  pasta and it came out perfect! Yum!

 Past up this beautiful piece of art? No way! She's only 5x3.

 I've never heard of this before. It would have been rude to pass it up, it was only $3.99

 Found this vintage ascot among the ties at a local shop. The store it's from was a department store in Washington, D. C. (thank you internet)

 I couldn't decide, so I bought both pairs. DSW now has Dansko shoes. My favorite clogs, ever. (no, I'm not getting paid by DSW or Dansko)

 Let's hear it for Dollar Tree make-up. I've had the eyeshadow on the right for awhile. $10 and tax for all this. I got the bottle of liquid liner to practice with, no way would I want to buy something pricey and then not be able to use it. BTW, I pretty much suck at using liquid liner.

This past Wednesday we went on a road trip. Up the inter-state is an antique mall that we always drive past. When we're going on a long trip, it's hard to stop and add 2 hours to a 7 hour car trip. Wednesday was warm and sunny, so we set out on an adventure.  The antique mall was a little further than we remembered, so we had to stop for lunch. It was around 1pm, we were hungry.

 We stopped here. Lane Southern Orchards is just that. A farmer that has lots of peach and pecan trees. It's located in Fort Valley and is know for peach cobbler and ice cream. Fort Valley is in the heart of Peach County, in the middle of The Peach State ie, Georgia. That season is summer, so we had something else for lunch.

 That's not a piece of fried chicken. It's a pecan encrusted catfish fillet. And, because it's Southern food, it was slap your Momma good. Neither of us eat dinner later that night.

 They also sell a line of jams. jelly and preserves. Fruit, cane sugar and pectin. What more do you need? Mayhaw's are a berry that grow on trees and muscadine's are grapes.

Next stop was The Big Peach(see a theme?) Antique Mall. It's huge and have over 200 dealers. That took a good 2 hours to walk through. 

 This tiny Native American pottery piece was $1. It's signed on the bottom, so it's real.

 Road runner pin was $8. Hmmm, another theme?

 Another green piece of vintage pottery to add to the collection. And why you should look at everything. In a different booth I saw the same piece for twice the price.

 What's in the case?

 A vintage Smith-Corona typewriter. I've been wanting a manual typewriter for a couple of years. I've seen then on-line for cheap, but the shipping is always insane. This one was $20 and it works and came with an unopened ribbon. I got out of that mall spending  under $40. The Doctor was pleased about that.

 After Christmas, I brought the cactii in. We had a cold snap and I didn't want to lose any. Think I'll leave them in the house until Springtime.

What's a blog without a cat photo?

One of these days he won't turn his head and I'll get a nice shot.


  1. The Indian gem stone lady is beautiful, that road runner brooch is fab, and I've always wanted a manual typewriter too!
    Cats... plain awkward, aren't they?! xxx

  2. Beep! Beep! I've got a road runner like that little fellow, who perches on my summer sun hat when I've errands to run...beep! beep!

    A friend working in a 3rd World country requested a manual typewriter. I hied to a local flea and found "Fast Johnny," an elderly Viet-American entrepreneur with a colorful resume. "Hokay lady, come back in two weeks with a twenty. Cash." He duly delivered a mint condition US Army typewriter in a case, with two ribbons in boxes, and two manuals, one for the machine, the other on how to type. Hokay, but where do these things hide?

    While we're down on the floor alongside Mr. Scooty, one cannot overlook those bottle caps and wonder what they're doing there. Is this what is called "an installation"?

    1. Mr. Scooty is sitting next to the telephone table. It was a very boring plain wood table, which I've tricked out. Hmmm.....that sounds like a post in the making. Stay tuned

  3. I don't do LA colors makeup much but I've got a stock pile of their nail polish!! Also, I NEEEEED that Indian art! So lovely.