Monday, January 12, 2015



Sort of ( not really) made a New Years resolution to post more outfit posts. Here's the first one:


 It's me , in the yard, in the rain. Wearing a thrifted Norma Kamali raincoat, a very old beret and a really old cross body bag from Target. The bag is a world traveler, it's been to Sweden and Greece. The design thing sewn on is from a Matthew Barney show I saw in San Francisco a few years ago. The badge says "The world's a mess, it's in my kiss" from the X song. I laid the stepping stones and we made the ones in the front.

 What's underneath. Green Jones of New York sweater, and a black knit shirt. $15 and 25 cents. The necklace is a Viking sword, a Christmas gift from The Doctor. Who took the photos! He's getting better at it. I did the bookpaper on the wall and put the floor down ( not to brag or anything). Oh, yeah, and painted those chairs.  (shut up already, Martha)

What's a blog post without a cat photo?

Mr. Scooty looking at something.

Off to make lunch.



  1. Nice to see you (and Mr Scooty again!) The Doctor's done a grand job of being a blog photographer and that mac and beret are fab. x

  2. You are a grand dame of thrifting, these are wonderful pieces and they look great on you. I really love your RED chairs too. And of course Mr. Scooty. Great photography!

  3. Thorne, the mac and beret combo is tres chic with your hair and glasses. The theme to "An American in Paris" is now humming in my head... I, too, admire those RED chairs with the Dutch floor (and I covet the rug upon which Mr. Scooty is resting his fundament whilst meditating).

  4. Woo hoo! There you are!! Love you book page wall paper by the way!

  5. Nice to see an outfit and inside your house! You really suit a beret. So is that special wall paper that looks like books or did you mangle some books....
    I like the photo of Mr Scooty he is lovely with his white paws.

    1. the "wallpaper" is thrifted copies of Interview With The Vampire mod podged onto a bare wall. It took forever!!! And about 4 books

  6. The wearer of the bag should have followed to Sweden

  7. missed your outfits! lovely beret, lovely green pullover and coat, and cute bag (love this kind of bags!) and lovely smile!!!