Saturday, January 17, 2015



Photos, photos, photos, sometime they make the cut and sometimes you forget about that post you thought was going it be awesome. Here's some photos from 2014 that I forgot about.


Back in November, I walked around my sister-in-laws area while she was at an appointment. Where should we have lunch? Pick a country.

Those are all going south of Shattuck Ave in downtown Berkelery and on University Ave. If you go North a couple of blocks you run into a place called Chez Panisse, the original Peets Coffee and Saul's Deli. Foodie heaven. All these places are with in a 10-15 minute walk from her house. Now, I won't even mention the places that are a short car trip away. See, why I want to move back home?

 I miss this show. The Doctor got this for me for Christmas. Yeah, it's sitting on a copy of Dragon Age Inquisition and a copy of Ari Seth Cohen's Advanced Style. Demographics be damned!

 The Doctor's brother and his wife own this restaurant. (actually, 3,with a 4th one opening soon)  At the wedding this pasted summer. If you're in Reno, Nevada go check them out.

 Fooled him! Told him I wasn't going to post this one. What a fashion plate. See that painting on the right side? My mother-in-law painted that probably in the 1960's.

What the heck? My Bff's Mother bought this when she was visiting, then left it when she want home. It's a counter top oven that cuts cooking time in half (so says the instructions). The BFF doesn't cook and said "I have a stove and microwave, what do I need this for?" She gave it to me. I gave it to a friend who is on tour and was happy to have something to make food in. As for "cutting cooking time in half", maybe by 10 minutes and it looks hard to clean.

Was that a year end wrap up? Naw, I don't go in for that sort of thing.  Now, for real, what's for lunch?


  1. Ooh, lots of great choices for places to eat, I'd love that! xx

  2. I'd be weeks, just working my way through the Jaykarta menu! * Aha. I'm not the only one who hangs 'real!' oil paintings in her kitchen. Demographics -- and calendars from the insurance agency -- be darned!

  3. Man we've got "Mexican", Chinese, Japanese and Italian (all Italian restaurants here are ran by Albanians for some reason)... and that's it...