Monday, May 4, 2015


It's May and that means one thing.....................

 Lawson's Peach Shed is open. Peach, blueberry or peach/blueberry swirled. Yummy. To bad we ate the ice cream before I took a photo.

 A giant peach and a view of the packing equipment.

 Even the trash can is cute.

 Peaches for sale.

A side view of the packing machine.

 Got this pretty Bob Mackie Wearable Art sweater the other day. I love the colors and the 3/4 sleeves. Bob Mackie sells this line on QVC, which is a home shopping channel. How about that? It was $2.

We had a visitor the other day.......

Darn cat thinks he owns the place. My arty shot through the front door screen.

May the Force be with you!!!!!!!!


  1. Peaches! I'm dying for Summer so I can enjoy one.
    Bob Mackie Wearable Art must be the same as Indigo Moon, apparently also sold on QVC (not that I've ever watched it). Our chazzas often have that brand with the labels still attached. Bored housewives with too much money & too much time on their hands. More fool them! x

  2. Ahh, peach ice cream! Tasted the real thing once in Marietta, following instructions to spoon it up with a vanilla cookie. It was a transcendental experience!

    The art sweater looks very wearable. Those three-quarter finished sleeves pair with summer slacks and low-heeled sandals. Hmm. Maybe white capris?

  3. I like peaches, but have never had peach ice cream - I haven't lived, have I?
    Ha, that cat is posing like a stone lion on a plinth at the gates of some stately home! xxx

  4. Fresh peaches there, already? Yum!!
    I like your sweater. I bought a Bob Mackie top a while ago at a thrift shop too. I will love him always for glamming up the academy awards in the Cher days. I wish he would start dressing the stars again. The red carpet is far too boring.
    Great camera filter. heh.