Saturday, May 23, 2015


Right the Harn Museum of Art. Last post featured some of the special exhibits. The permanent collection is pretty impressive, too. 

Like this Miro. 

 Or this one by a  guy named Picasso. Not too shabby.

 This piece is made by an African artist. And because I'm me, I didn't write his name down.

 Here's a close-up. It's made from cut up pieces of can and bottle caps. 

 Andy Warhol's in the house. The museum has 6-8 Warhols, but the batteries in my camera were running low and I wanted to take more pictures. There was a wall of his photo, too.

 A small Georgia O'Keeffe.  The framing seems an odd choice to me, it kind of cramps the flower.

 A Russian/American woman artist who's name I also forgot to write down.

 Found object lamp
 A huge  piece of Kinte cloth.

 Another one of the special exhibits was Molas from Panama. I have 7 for these hanging around my house and it was a nice surprise exhibit.

 Across from the Kinte cloth was this African version of St. George and the Dragon.

Hope you all enjoyed my field trip the the Harn Museum of Art. I had no idea that it was full of so many amazing pieces. If the batteries hadn't died, there would have been more pictures: pieces by Frank Stella, Monet, Magritte. Go check out your local art museum, you won't be disappointed.


  1. Yes, amazing pieces. I have a soft spot for Miro and the piece made out of cans and bottle caps looks regal.
    Thanks for the peek!

    1. The Doctor remembered the name of that piece: Old Man Cloth

  2. I went to the Miro Foundation on my first ever trip to Barcelona, I love his work.
    Art galleries are ace, I love the art but listening to people talking about the exhibits is just brilliant. xxx

  3. And you didn't steal a couple of these pieces for me whyyyy???

  4. Yep, love an art gallery, especially when they're free! Some great pieces here. xxx

  5. Don't like repros in general, but I do make an exception for Miro! And Klee, can't have too many Miro's or Klee's in one's bedrooms and baths: they're restful for the eyes and mind.

    That's is indeed a weirdly cheaply plonked together piece of framing for the O'Keefe. Looks like the "flowers in a frame" one finds at estate sales of old ladies.