Friday, May 15, 2015



Last Friday was the last graduation I'll probably ever go to. The class of 2015 was the last group of students I know really well. I didn't get photos of them all (there were 20 graduating!)

 The very tall Blake Fountain, who won best supporting actor for The Wiz....he was the wicked witch.

 The top of his mortar board says "Everything's Coming Up Roses"

 The amazingly talented Ethan Parker. If he doesn't become famous, the world's not fair.

 Best Actor went to Kelsey South!  Good luck!

 Chela North (did the theatre program just lose their direction?)  Another wonderfully talent actor/singer.

 Tyrell Ruffin, who was wonderful as the Scarecrow in the Wiz. He's working at PSST this summer. Good luck! It gets crowded and crazy after the event and I couldn't find the rest of the class. Good Luck to all of them.

Now I was going to add the trip for peach ice cream we took today, but that will have to wait for another day. On the way home we stopped to read this landmark. Some of the unknown history of the area I live in. This happened in May of 1918, less than a hundred years ago.

Now go back and look at the smiling faces of Chela and Tyrell. They're the same ages as the Turners who were murdered near this landmark. Reading it is upsetting enough, when we got home I googled "Mary Turner".  mary was the first site to pop up. If you have a strong stomach, you can read the horrifying details of what happened to this poor woman. Every once in a while we come across this landmarks, most of them are marking  a civil war battle, important building or some such thing. This is the first one that really pissed me off. 


Ok, we've got to stop the hate and love and accept each other.   Treat other with respect and kindness. Sorry about going off, but sometimes events are upsetting.


That ice cream trip will happen soon. 

Peace out.


  1. Ahh, bittersweet photos of your last graduation; you look fabulous in purple.
    The story about the lynchings is horrific. xxx

  2. Thorne, Curtise is correct: you're fabulous in purple with the Titian hair and the beaded necklace!

    Stories about 'strange fruit' are nauseating, Thorne, especially for those who work with young African-Americans who are dear to us. Yet it's better to remind ourselves these things happened than to tidy away the evidence of humanity's potential for evil. Lest we forget...