Sunday, May 17, 2015


More peach ice cream? Yes, please. 


 We checked out this place last Friday. It's in a town called Barney.

 Order at that window on the left. They have peach, blueberry and strawberry churned ice cream, not soft serve.

 Yummy, enjoying 2 scoops in a waffle cone. Yes, those a chunks of peach in the ice cream.

 These vintage trucks and car were just sitting there.

 Can I have this one?

 I some how managed to make the place look empty, there were other people around enjoying the ice cream goodness. I bought some peaches to make cobbler.

 Oops! Forgot to turn the photo. Southern Living is a regional magazine about all things Southern. This cookbook is from the 1970's.

 I used this recipe, 8 fresh chopped up peaches  plus 1 teaspoon of nutmeg. The town of Fort Valley is the center of Georgia's peach growing area. Flowery Branch sound pretty, never been there.

 Yummy! Breakfast yesterday morning warmed with plain no fat Greek yogurt.

And I was the winner of Hollie Ramsey's giveaway! She has a blog called Modern Colors (check her out)

 The shoulder bag is made from a cement bag!

More jewelry? At $2.50 a piece, how could I pass them up? 


By the way, my new hair color is called "Red Velvet". Like the cake?




  1. You don't show a Texan photos of peach cobbler without delivering! Glad you like your purse!

  2. Well done on your fab win! The Doc looks very happy with his ice cream - call me weird but I hate the stuff. How strange, here a cobbler is a like a fruit pie only the topping is scones. xxx