Tuesday, July 21, 2015



Another summer stock season has come and gone. We struck the last show on Sunday. It's always bittersweet, happy to have a successful season over, sad to be having new friends leave and go on to the next chapter. Here are the last photo from 2015. The production photos were taken by our awesome lighting designing, Genny Wynn and the others by the cast and crew.

The second show of the season was  Always....Patsy Cline. Based on a true story of a long time friendship between Patsy Cline and a fan named Louise. Two actors and an on stage country band. Lots of Patsy Cline songs.


 The band.

 Louise and Patsy meeting for the first time at a roadhouse. I made Patsy's dress and jacket.

 Patsy's finale dress, which I also made. It has tiny rhinestones which aren't showing up in this photo.

 Ashley Rose was Patsy Cline and Rebekah Matheson was Louise. Rebekah is a graduate for VSU Theatre and Dance and teaches  English at a local high school. She also played the some role 15 years ago at Jekyl Island Musical Theatre Festival. Ashley Rose is one of our Equity actors this summer. The handsome fellow in the middle is Tyrell Ruffin, VSU class of 2015 and was the Scarecrow in The Wiz, spring 2015.

The third show was The Little Mermaid, I've posted some photos already, here's the rest.

 The Mersisters and Flounder "She's in Love". Left to right: Caroline Hatchett(soon to be Dr. Hatchett), Sarah Wildes Arnett, in the front Laurie Sutton, John Laurent Dean, in the back Audrey Moore, Larren Woodward and Heather Priedhorsky

 The Pretty Princess singing contest. I tricked out the store bought corsets and hemmed, by hand, the skirts. Hmm, not sure what's happening with the green one. Left to right: Audrey Moore, Tyrell Ruffin, Caroline Hatchett, Matty Hogan, Caitlin Miller, Wendell Hester, Michael Hegarty wearing the coat I made, Haley Aguero, Brandon Chandler, Heather Priedhorsky, Dillon Stewart and Hannah R. M. Findlay

 "Under the Sea" fish. Sarah Wildes Arnett and Laurie Sutton. Because they "swim" the shoes actors wear are a roller skate called Heelies. They have a wheel in the heel that let's the actors "swim".

 Ariel and the seagulls. Cassidy Dangler, Larren Woodward, Wendel Hester, Olin Davidson, Holli Smith, Laurie Sutton, Sarah Wildes Arnett, Matty Hogan

 Ariel"swimming" up to the surface, with her sisters

 Larren Woodward modling her mermaid costume. Kenan Burchette made the shells.

 Kenan and Abby at the after party.

Abby Vincent and DeAnne Keys our stage managers for the seasons. Without the both of them, we would have been clueless. Three cheers for stage mangers!

The shows have been struck, the costumes have been laundered or sent to the dry cleaners, the shops cleaned up, the cast and crew have moved away, the season is over. The best season so far is over! Yeah for sold out shows, rave reviews and happy audiences. Who knows what next summer will bring?




  1. Patsy's charmingly lady-like (but womany!) costumes remind me of my mother's summer cottons of long-ago. Oh, the acreage of those skirts! Were I the actress, I'd have attempted to claim either as a "souvenir".

  2. Some great photos, and fabulous costumes, of course. Another year over... Where does the time go? xx