Saturday, July 18, 2015



Thrift store shopping is so much fun. Like you guys don't know that already. After I got done with PSST and before my vacation, I popped over to the Catholic Charities St Frances  Thrift. Hadn't been in for awhile and I picked the right week....all the clothes were 50cents. 

 Spent about $8 for all this. The orange fabric is a vintage table cloth and the crosstitch table runner were regular price ($3 and $2) A dinner jacket, 1970's dress pretending to be from the 40's, homemade 70's dress, cute blouse and a small floral try for my sister-in-law.

When I vacation I love to check out the local thrift stores. I always find awesome things in Charlotte.

 Vintage trench coat for the Doctor and that's not a fur coat, it's corduroy! That's for me.

 Coffee, anyone? The coffee maker is in beautiful condition. The mask has no labels. Let's pretend it's real and from Africa and not TJMaxx.

 This whole pile was from the Goodwill Outlet. A pretty afghan,  2 vintage jackets for the Doctor (the one on the left is suede) a Chinese top, dress shirt, ditsy print shawl, Korea scarf, another homemade 70's dress and 2 ties. The BFF tossed in a couple of purses. She does love the purses. They are at her house.

 Game of Thrones themed tie?

 The Doctor got a San Francisco 49er's hat, if he can get it away from Roxy.

We also went to Value Village on South Blvd

Chinese-style bathrobe(going to be outwear), golden jacket, Ellen Tracy scarf, and a tie. I have magic powers: I said that morning I wanted to find a pair of silver princess shoe with lucite heels. Yep, found a pair. The green shrug was too pretty to leave behind even thought it's too was $3.

Tomorrow is the last day of PSST 2015. The past three weeks of shows have been sold out. That makes me very happy. And it makes all of us who love and work in live theatre happy. Nobody in theatre gets upset if you call them "sell outs". 


  1. great booty, there's a lot of pretty prints and interesting textures to play with!. Corduroy jacket looks amazing!

  2. Liking the look of the cord jacket. xxx

  3. Did you say Goodwill OUTLET?? Whaaaaat? Why don't we have one of those?!?!?

    1. I did and the closest ones to you are in Little Rock and Sherman Texas