Friday, July 17, 2015


Because of unexpectedly working for a month, I had to move my mini-vacation from 4th of July weekend to last weekend. Such is life.


This state of Georgia seal is at a roadside rest. Yes, Georgia has been a state since 1776. It started out as a prison colony, like Australia, and was the 4th state admitted to the Union. The colonial history of the South is often forgotten.


I went to visit my BFF in South Carolina on the day the governor signed a bill removing that flag from the state house lawn. 2015 and South Carolina finally admits they lost.

I've talked about Goodwill Outlet stores before. Here's what the one in Charlotte, North Carolina looks like. Some people yelp that the stores are "dirty", no this one is clean. It's on Freedom Drive if you're interested. And it's $1.39 a pound. I'll show you what I found later.

Who know Rock Hill, South Carolina would have a really good French cafe. Here it is......

It's called Amelie's, like the movie. And is in an old bank downtown. Wishful thinking that anybody would be sitting at the outside tables, it was tres hot that day.

Love the light made of pots and pans.

Yummy French pastries.

And a Love Locks fence. I don't think this one will fall down anytime soon. That one next to the red one is my BFF's and mine.

The Bechtler Museum of Modern  Art had an exhibit called The Art Books of Henri Matisse, so we went.

This awesome statue by Niki de Saint Phalle is outside, and the best thing about the place.

A view of the lobby painting from the second floor

I liked the bathroom. 

The Art Books where that, pages from art books framed.

My sad faced BFF who wanted to see real Matisse's. Not, in her words: "Pages from a book I can buy on Amazon"

Cheer up, Bestie! We got cool museum pins.

Then she got attacked by a creepy statue.


So that was disappointing. But........

There was a few real Giacometti's.

So that sort of made up for the disappointment.

Went I finish taking photos of all the treasure I found, that will be up soon. And I finally have the production photos from PSST that I was missing. So stay tuned for more theatre!

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