Sunday, July 5, 2015


I haven't gotten the production photos yet, these are some publicity shots and backstage hijinks.  The show was Disney The Little Mermaid (not Hans Christian Anderson's)

 The Mermaid herself.  Holli Smith.

 King Triton and Sebastian, (Herb Porter and Drew Coleman).

Ariel and Flounder,( John Laurent Dean)

Someone's friend made a photo collage! Sebastian with a prince (Tyrell Ruffin) Ursula (Barbara Dare Thomas*) with Flotsam and Jetsam (Brian Bruno and Chris Hallows) Ariel's sisters and father (Sarah Wildes Arnett, Larren Woodward, Heather Priedhorsky, Herb Porter, Laurie Sutton,  Audrey Moore, Caroline Hatchett) Ariel and Prince Eric, (Britton Hollingsworth)

Olin Davidson as Scuttle the seagull

 Mermaid and a pretty princess, (Sarah Wildes Arnett and Hannah R. M. Findlay)

Another pretty princess,( Caitlin Miller).  There's 4 more princesses that I don't have photos of.

Ursula with Flotsam and Jetsam. I made her skirt and bodice, Kenan Burchette built the wig and Zach West made her tentacles. The shell was made using a 3D printer .

The costume in the mock up stage. It was way easier to sew muslin than sequin fabric! I found sequin stuck to my knee one morning while I was showering.  The Prince, Grimsby and Ariel at the palace.

The coat I made for Grimsby ( Micheal Hegarty)

* Barbara Dare Thomas is our Equity actor.


  1. Holli Smith really looks like the Disney mermaid. Uncanny. My heart beats wildly for the costume worn by Drew Coleman. And your work dumbfounds - incredible. I love how they used the 3D printer to make the shell.

    1. Holli's worked at Disney World for the past 3 years as a character princess. She has a beautiful voice

  2. This production is as gorgeous as a Disney parade on a sunny day! Grimsby's coat is impressive! But I love Scuttle! He looks like he'd eat popcorn right out of a tourist's bag.

  3. I know the book but I'm a confirmed Disney-phobe so not familiar with the film.
    Great costumes though, you're so clever, x

  4. I'm so late getting to this post. I was wondering how the The Little Mermaid works on stage - glad I got to see it!