Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Boy, the past week flew by. Which isn't a good thing when the next show is huge. I'll have pictures, I promise.


This lady is from my sister-in-laws collection. Sort of fits in with the tropical theme of the next show, maybe. We have been wondering how a Danish mermaid meets a Jamaican lobster/crab guy. Oh, it's a fairy story and Disney!  Yesterday, I spent all day hemming 4 "pretty princesses" skirts. Satin, huge, hand done, my fingers got poked way too many times. Show opens one Friday. 

I've been putting a heat pad on the shoulder and it works well. It's from an old falling down stairs injure from about 25 years ago. It comes and goes.  Thanks for the suggestions on managing the hurt.  



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  1. What interesting fabric, which certainly appears authentic; and what an effectively primitive figure, most definitely NOT made in China. Wish I could remember the name of the headress...

    May I recommend deep-tissue massage by a masseuse who knows her business? I myself escaped shoulder surgery by enduring weekly treatments by an elderly Fraulein who learned her art at Baden Baden. She would lean over and bark: "Und now this vill hurt, but will be besser soon." At the end of each session she urge "...vasser, drink lots of vasser, for the poisons, jah?" No pretty candles, no New Age music, hie thee to a sports meds masseuse, schnell!