Sunday, November 15, 2015

60? WTF?

I'll get to that.

 Here's the costume plot i made for the dance I designed. I've never done that before. On the left are the names of the dancers, across the top are the sections for the parts of the dance, and the filed in spaces are who's on stage and what they wear. The 2 rows that are filled in are the last parts of the first movement, the rest of the rows are the 2 students movements. Second movement is a modern piece and the third is hip hop. It was crazy getting all the changes to work. There's almost 70 costumes.

On Friday we did have time to have some fun. I used the "creative shot" setting on my camera.

 2 of my student helpers: Carrie and Christie Jo.

 "We're done, right?"

 What they're thinking when I told them it was time to sort men's shoes.

About that birthday..... how did I get so old? Geez.

My BFF sent me some jewelry. Because I need all the jewelry in the world.....BWAHAHA.

 The coolest Day of the Dead/Frida/Buddah mash up ever.

 This beautiful scarf/shawl in my favorite colors.

My other friend, Mary-Alice (aka Malice) always does Birthday/Christmas/Birthday. She sends the Doctor a surf t-shirt and me, cool stuff.

 Buddah in a frame and crazy cats. Mr Scooty wants a scooter now.

The doctor went total nerd.

 Game of freaking Thrones Christmas ornaments!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course, it wouldn't be a birthday without a shopping trip.

 The $5 pile from the charity flea market.

 Used the birthday coupon from DSW to get new sandals for summer. Also went to Sephora and got the VIB birthday gift. (I always sign up for the free programs that stores have). Lunch happened, it was a toss up between tacos and b-b-q.....tacos won.

 To honor the attacks in Paris, I wore this all day and nobody noticed. Guess the USA is too interested in all the football yesterday to pay attention to what's happening in the world. My thoughts are with you France.


  1. Great pressies! Long may the birthday celebrations continue. xxx

  2. amazing purchases and lovely presents, what else?
    wish you enjoy all of them!!
    Love your little tricolore rosette!, such a nice detail!

  3. The tricolor rosette is a beautiful idea, beautifully executed! I'm sure your cast of 70 will look well and do well, too. (Once saw a floor plot for a pas de deux and realized I could no more understand it than the football plays coachs jot on a chalkboard. Band maneuvers are worse: how can anyone play an instrument and more or less dance?!)

    What a lovely lot of loot you received for your birthday, Thorne. I'd be pawing the cinnabar bangle and the scarf, "just to see how it looks...".