Sunday, November 29, 2015


It's a beautiful day, perfect to go outside and take photos.

Hello, long time since my face was on my own blog. Getting my BoHo on, or something. Ancient (15 years or so) Lane Bryant skirt, thrifted Cato shrug, teal camisole from Nordstrom (it was $4.99!!!!!!!!) arm load of fake cinnabar bracelets (from my BFF)  the "gold" pin is from the last auction win.

Artsy Fartsy Warning: Creative Mode

Hmm, purple?

Strange browns. That's Armi the Armadillo. (The Doctor was born in Texas after all)

Horror movie black and white?

 Back to normal.

I like this one, too bad my eyes are closed. The boots are from last year and are still in good shape. I got them at Payless Shoes, which is a cheap shoe store. I was surprised at how comfortable they are.

This weekend was Thanksgiving. We stayed home and I didn't make turkey. It's a bit much for 2 people. I made game hens with lemon, sumac and zatar, mashed potatoes w/gravy, dressing and cranberries.  Yum!


  1. You look fabulous!! I love this outfit on you. Gorgeous colours and the blue top is perfect underneath. Your dinner looks delicious. Happy Thanksgiving to you.

  2. You are an adorable little bohemian. Looooove the skirt. I've just discovered sumac. It's supposed to be healthy beyond healthy!

  3. A pretty combination of colors, textures, and patterns. Thanks for linking!

  4. What a lovely hippy-tastic outfit - beautiful colours. xxx

  5. Sumac as in sumac-aid? The red-leafed low-life tree that favors hilly, stony roadsides? Please tell me more.

    Meanwhile, out on the deck, you're splendidly boho in that paneled skirt and neatly pinned bolero. What an odd pin -- is that a Cycladic portrait or something terrifically avant-guarde?

    1. the pin sort of looks like Agamemnon's death mask, but not quit. Sumac...not the poison kind.... has reddish cone shaped flowers, that's the part you eat.

    2. Yes, that's the plant! Pioneers made a sort of summer drink from the flowers, like elder-flowers only with a bit more tang. I've been debating planting some sumac with elderberries in a wild bed in my garden. Now, please tell us more about the zatar recipe. I see not even Vix has heard of it!

    3. zatar is used in Middle Eastern cooking, It's also called roasted thyme

  6. That skirt is fantastic. I've not seen one with crushed velvet before.
    Your dinner sounds intriguing. I've never heard of sumac and zatar and I was a professional chef for years! xxx

  7. Weird dolls in all its glory, but Ihave a weakness for outfits, so nice of you.