Tuesday, November 3, 2015


About a week ago our last play closed. It was The Women of Lockerbie, which is about the plane being blown up and crashing on Lockerbie, Scotland. That sound like a total downer of a subject, but it's a very beautiful play. You feel the pain of the family and the people on the ground. It's timely now, seeing as another plane just crashed under mysterious circumstances. Here's a photo from the show, which was taken by Dean Pooling. 

I'm playing around with my new camera. The moon was full the other night.

It came with a selfie stick. Hello!

And can take special effect photos.

One click and 6 photos happen. I liked these best.

And a cat photo.

Last year at this time I was getting ready for a trip to California. This year it's the 30th Anniversary dance concert, jury duty and a root canal. Oh yeah and a birthday.  


  1. Your garden and cat are gorgeous! Happy Birthday and hope the root canal isn't too traumatic. xxx

  2. Do like the artistic effects, especially the view that's almost a line drawing with daubs of water colors. Those blue pots really "pop" against the house.

    My own experience with root canals has been fortunate, but the combination with jury duty, an obligatory anniversary event and a painful play does sound a bit overwhelming. Do hope the spouse "surprises" you with a birthday treat.

  3. glad you're playing with your new camera and artistic effects, it's funny!!
    Wish you're enjoying a happy birthday!