Sunday, November 8, 2015


So much for swearing off auctions. When I looked at the on-line catalog and saw 200 (!) lots of jewelry, well, how could I not? I ended up winning 3.

 The bracelet on the left is acorns and the earrings sort of match. 

 5 pair of earrings and a Christmas pin.

 Beaded collar/choker and bee pin.

 Matching set: earrings and bracelet, just beads. 

 Crazy beaded necklace, which I wore the other day.

 2 matching sets. Shells and beads.

 Rhinestone pin and earrings.

 A bunch of "gold". Haha, the leaf pin is Miriem Haskell.

 BUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The big one on the right is from a company called Jewelry 10, and their big pieces start at $125!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 The coolest pieces ever: tiny table pins, with coffee!

 All that for about $70. The local auction house only does on-line now. I really enjoy sitting at an auction watching the action and listening to the auctioneer. But on-line is a whole lot easier. Does anyone go to auctions?

Jury duty update: got a letter yesterday telling me not to show up as the process was canceled. Good thing we still have Saturday mail or I would have gotten up early and had to turn around and come back home. Now I can go to work and finish the dance concert.  Sometime I'll have photos. 


  1. Oh it's all so great! I LOVE bug jewelry and that beaded brown and white choker is THE BEST!!!

  2. What a beautiful bargain bag from the Universe for your birthday! The scrum of bugs is particularly interesting -- but I'm certain there are coffee fiends out there who'd reimburse your $70, just to flaunt that set of tiny tables at their favorite cafe.

  3. Loving the beaded collar and the paisley diamonte - they look very Indian! How sweet is that brass table? Gorgeous! x