Tuesday, November 24, 2015


What my dinner room looked like last Friday

Books everywhere. It looked like this until last night. It was driving me nuts.

My project was painting these bookcases. I bought them at an auction years ago, and thought they needed some sprucing up. The weather was warm enough to paint outside. Yes, I use a canvas drop cloth, the plastic ones are crap. With canvas the paint dries and you don't  step in it and drag it into the house.

I chose a color called Electric Orange. Which I think looks great next to the periwinkle walls.

The finished look. The second one is in the other room and looks pretty much the same (I forgot to take a photo).

Last week was nuts. The root canal went well, then I got a 24hours bug, got over that, started moving all the costume stock to the new storage site, finally finished the dance concert's laundry and did a project. We're still getting the new storage organized. It's crazy to see it all in one room. It looks like the back room of the best thrift store in town. We'll be there today, too.

Thanksgiving Break starts tomorrow, yeah! Oh, it's finally gotten fall like, maybe I'll stop thing it's still September.


  1. You did a great job, love the orange against the blue walls! x

  2. The orange is a gorgeous selection for your books and objets d'art. I do like that fat white bird! And the ceramic thingy on the floor that has its own stand!